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Selecting the 290 model that suits you best

If you've decided the Manfrotto 290 series is right for you, you probably already know if you're looking for:

  • Tripod legs to combine with a specific head
  • A pre-configured complete tripod + head kit
  • or a monopod
...so let's have a side-by-side look at the models available in each of those groups and go through the differentiating factors that might help determine your choice.

Features and advantages of all 290 Supports

  • 290s are with you for the journey as your photography improves and you need more from your support: versatile and upgradeable, with interchangeable heads and full compatibility with the extended Manfrotto range of professional equipment, accessories and bags
  • Durable and reliable, even under prolonged heavy use: professional-grade adjustable aluminium leg locks and solid cast aluminium components
  • Every shot is shake-free, no matter how the tripod is set up: even when the centre column is fully raised, its three-faceted rotation-resistant tubing means that the camera stays still and shots are crisp and sharp
  • Intuitive, easy and safe to use: ergonomic controls eliminate fumbling, while features like the special anti-shock collar (not applicable to monopods) protect your gear against accidental damage
290 tripod (legs only)

290 tripod + head kits
If you’re looking for a complete tripod + head kit, it’s still advisable to choose the base tripod first (see above), and then select the kit that matches your chosen tripod with the type of head you prefer. 290 kits come with either an A0RC2 quick release compact ball head (more compact and faster to use), an A3RC1 quick release compact three-way head or a D3RC2 quick release full-size three-way head (more stable and precise). Choosing the tripod first is important because its weight, folded length and extended height will all determine how convenient you find your new camera support. If you wish, you can interchange or upgrade the attached head later on as your needs change.

290 Monopods
More compact to carry and use, a monopod helps you support the weight of your camera, follow action quickly and reduce camera shake but because it won’t hold the camera still on its own, it’s less useful when taking longer exposures. Monopods are especially popular with sports and action photographers.

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