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The only pocket-sized camera support

Manfrotto Pocket is a range of ultra-compact accessories that help you get great, shake-free photos or video when you’re out and about without a full-size tripod. The lightweight, low-profile Pocket is a slim plate with fold-out, non-slip feet that stays attached to your camera all the time, always ready to hold your camera still, level and at the right angle of tilt on any horizontal surface (table, floor, wall-top, shelf, bar…). When you’re done, fold the little feet back under, Pocket almost disappears and your camera fits back in your bag or, of course, your pocket.

Pocket helps you get better quality informal self-portraits and fast group photos with friends or family, and can improve the low light shots you take to remember a great night out. Pocket won’t weigh you down, it won’t slow you up and it won’t get in the way.

Pocket supports are available in two colours (grey and black) and two sizes to fit compact point-and-shoot cameras or full-size bridge, mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

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How Pocket improves your shots.
Self-portraits, group photos and videos

If you’ve ever tried resting a camera on a table to take a quick selfie or photo with friends, you know what happens: you lose all control of framing and heads are cut out of the picture.

With Pocket, you still use the table to get a steady shake-free shot, but now you can tilt the camera so the framing is just right and everyone’s captured.

Capture the moment

When you’re on a great night out, or around friends and family, the last thing you want to do is slow everything down to set up camera equipment.

Pocket lets you capture the spontaneity and atmosphere of special moments, without getting in the way of the fun. It will make sure your shots are full of warmth and life, stable, steady and ready to share.

The ideal travel companion!

The name says it all: Manfrotto Pocket supports are so small, compact and light that they fit in any pocket or bag.

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