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KLYP+ the first all-in-one photographic set for iPhone® 5/5s to shoot extraordinary images.

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Not just a pretty case

Everything it takes to always get perfect pictures and videos.

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Discover New Perspectives

Three interchangeable lenses – Fisheye, Landscape and Portrait – to snap stunning and creative images.

Light Up Every Shot

A super-bright but portable LED light with new Surface Mount Technology to shoot images in any light condition.

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Give Your iPhone® the Right Support

A small kick stand and a tripod mount to prop up your iPhone® and connect it to any camera support.

Change your world view

Discover the difference with the new interchangeable Manfrotto lenses. Give depth to the subjects of your pictures with the Portrait lens. Capture stunning panoramas with the Landscape lens and create special effects using the Fisheye!

Light Up Your Shot

The new continuous LED light designed by Manfrotto is ideal for shooting clear photographs and making videos in backlight and low light conditions. Get great portraits in any situation!

Without LED With Manfrotto LED

True colours shining through

The new LED light enhanced with SMT technology gives you the brightest images yet. Its premium quality light gives your pictures accurate and vivid colours perfectly capturing natural skin tones.

  • 225 lm Lumens
  • 80% Colour Consistency
  • 60° Beam Angle


Four easy set-ups

Intuitively slide the LED and tripod mount onto the bumper with no need for extra connectors. Use the 4 locking points to set your desired configuration and take splendid shots in portrait or landscape mode.

4 Locking Point Locking Points
Railway System 2 products in 1


The new KLYPapp+ layout and graphical interface are exceptionally intuitive and pleasant to use. Just like KLYPAPP you can take pictures simply by clapping your hands. In addition, it gives the possibility to set the focus and exposure manually, apply filters, frames and watermarks. Finally, let your creativity run wild and capture extraordinary stop motion and time lapse videos.

KLYPapp+Download KLYPApp+

  • Exposure Exposure
  • Focus Focus
  • Video Noise Shoot
  • Stop Motion Stop Motion
  • Time Lapse Time Lapse

Support your creativity

The ¼" thread adaptor makes KLYP+ compatible with the largest choice of supports. Select the most suitable configuration and blurry photos and shaky videos will be just a bad memory.

View PIXI Supports

The hue for you

Discover the colour that represents your personality! 4 different colour combinations to match your device and most importantly… YOU

Manfrotto in colour

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Start Capturing Better Memories

Get KLYP+ for the iPhone® 5/5s