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Advanced Bags Collection

When the street is your set,
carry just what you need.

Collection Overview

To provide useful, usable bags for different situations and different amounts of equipment, Manfrotto employs seven different basic bag designs in the Advanced range, each available in a number of sizes.

  • Active Backpacks

    Active Backpacks The everyday backpack for photo gear and personal items

  • Tri Backpacks

    Tri Backpacks Backpack, sling bag or "X" position

  • Travel Backpacks

    Travel Backpacks The travel backpack has been specifically designed for carrying your BeFree tripod.

  • Gear Backpacks

    Gear Backpacks Compact and functional backpack totally dedicated to camera gear

  • Active Slings

    Active Slings Swinging round from backpack to easy-access front-carried bag

  • Shoulder Bags

    Shoulder Bags For carrying all type of equipment, from CSC to Pro DSLRS, additional lenses and accessories

  • Holsters

    Holsters The bare essentials: camera, memory cards and few accessories

Internal Protection & Ease of Access

Attention to Details and Design

Material combination offers functional as well as aesthetic impact; rugged durable bottom half, made by High Density Nylon Fabric, ensures trust in durability and harmonizes with the equally durable but more stylish sheen of the top. Carbon detailing ties it all in with the Manfrotto Italian heritage.


Manfrotto Advanced Collection

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