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HOW TO USE A TRIPOD Visit our blog for advice and inspiration.
Improve the Photos and Videos You Share Online.

Using a tripod makes your photos sharper and your videos less shaky.

Noticed how photos that seemed fine on the camera are blurry and out of focus on the bigger screen? Lots of things cause blur: hand movement, camera zoom, bad light, beer...

...but a tripod can help by holding your camera still and level, making photos pin-sharp and keeping video steady. Get one. Use it. Your Social Network will Like you a little bit more :)

Manfrotto Compact Series - the ideal first tripod.

The Compact Series was designed to be an ideal first tripod: easy and quick to use; ultra-portable to carry, tall enough when open.

Compact tripods are for point-and-shoots, compact camcorders and entry-level DSLRs. Even iPhone and cameraphone snaps can be improved by a Manfrotto Compact.

Know someone whose photos are so bad, you want to unfriend them every time you see one pop up on your profile?

Be generous: Share this page with your Friends. (Don't worry, it's not like giving them breath-mints.)

Compact Flip Catalog
You Know You Want...
Sharper Photos, Shake-free Videos

Admit it, your photos are often blurry. And your videos... well, the less said the better.

How a Tripod Will Help
A tripod holds your camera steady for sharper photos you'll be proud to share, and video that doesn't make you feel sea-sick!

Stunning Night-time Images

At night, in low light or indoors, all the flaws of compact cameras come out to play... noise, shake, blur, red-eye, flash-shadows.

How a Tripod Will Help
A tripod stops your camera from becoming scared of the dark. It produces better quality images that really transmit the colours and atmosphere you saw.

Photos with YOU in them!

You aren't in many of your photos, are you? How will people know you were even there? They won't.

How a Tripod Will Help
Now take a tripod; set up a beautiful shot; press the self-timer button; run round, get in the picture and grab your place in their hearts!

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