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How do I choose which Compact tripod is best for me?

One question will help you decide.
Do you take both photos and video, or only photos?

1. If you take photos and video, the hybrid Photo-Movie Kit is right for you.

It has a Photo / Movie mode switch that instantly optimizes the tripod for stills or films... easy-peasy.

  • In Photo Mode, you can turn the camera between landscape and portrait.
  • In Movie Mode, the camera is fixed in landscape position (because that's what people expect from video), but you can still swoosh it smoothly from side to side to catch moving subjects or take in wide views.

2. If you'll only be taking photos, the Photo Kit is ideal.

It's even more compact (you'll be grateful when you're packing your bag) and it allows free camera positioning, with a single easy control.

More Features of the Compact Series:

  • There's a Compact Series Monopod too. Really it should be called Extra-Amazingly-Compact, but we're modest like that ;). The monopod is a single extending leg that screws directly to your camera and helps stabilize it. Because it doesn't stand up by itself, it has a convenient wrist strap so you won't drop it no matter how excited you get at the new greatness of your photos.
  • Compact Series tripods have quick release camera plates, so you can attach and detach your camera in a second. (Does not apply to MKC3-PF)
  • Compact Series models are available in either stylish black or just-as-stylish, but paler, light-grey. In some countries there's a special limited edition white Compact Photo Kit that gleams like virgin snow on the most hard-to-reach part of Mont Blanc. Stylish. You can choose. They work the same, it's just a colour choice. And it's yours to make.
  • If there was a family tree of tripods, Compact would be the cute little great-great-great-grandchild of some of the most successful and seriously professional tripods that have ever stood perfectly still on the face of the earth. So sure, Manfrotto Compact is cute, but it knows EXACTLY where it's at.

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