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Compact Series tripod with built-in photo/movie head - black

Compact Series tripod with built-in photo/movie head - black
Compact Series tripod with built-in photo/movie head - black

Part # MKC3-H01
785B , 785SHB


Using a tripod helps improve the results you get from your camera by holding it much more steady than you can yourself, making photos sharper and allowing you to concentrate more on catching the right scene at the right moment.

By using your camera's self-timer and a tripod, you can even get into some of your pictures yourself too.

When it comes to video, a tripod is even more essential: it eliminates the distracting shakiness that hand-held video often has and it keeps the picture straight.

Overall, a tripod helps you get the best out of your compact camera, by giving you the flexibility to use camera settings (like low ISO, for example) that produce better quality images, and holding the camera still for longer exposures in low light, producing shake-free photos and video that really capture the colours and atmosphere.

The MKC3-H01 Photo-Movie Kit is a Compact Series tripod with a built-in head designed for both taking photos and shooting video. The ''grip''-style head has a Photo/Movie switch on the side; when the Photo setting is selected, the head allows you to rotate the camera between landscape and portrait positions and then lock it in place before taking a photo.

In Movie setting, the camera is locked in landscape orientation but free to rotate left-right, so you can use the grip handle to move the camera smoothly when filming subjects in motion, or to take in wide views without losing horizontal level. Compact Series tripods have quick release camera plates so you can attach and detach your camera in seconds. The plate's universal mount fits all cameras' tripod thread (the screw thread on the underside).

Compact Series tripods also have ergonomic lever leg locks, to make opening and closing the tripod fast.

The Compact Series was designed to be an ideal first tripod: easy to use; quick to attach, detach, extend and fold; ultra-portable when closed yet practical and tall when open, they're among the most compact full-size tripods available; strong and secure enough to support anything from small point-and-shoots and compact camcorders up to entry-level DSLRs with kit lenses. iPhones and other cameraphones can be supported too (check your camera has a tripod thread on the underside, or that you have a tripod thread adaptor for your phone).

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  • centre column rapid rapid
    closed length 18.11 in 46 cm
    Color black color black color
    column tube diameter 22mm 22mm
    front tilt 0° / +90° tilt range 0° / +90° tilt range
    lateral tilt -90° / +90° tilt range -90° / +90° tilt range
    leg angles 21° 21°
    leg sections 5 number 5 number
    material aluminum legs and technopolymer aluminum legs and technopolymer
    Maximum Height 60.63 in 154 cm
    maximum height (with centre column down) 52.76 in 134 cm
    Minimum Height 17.52 in 44.5 cm
    panoramic rotation 360 ° 360 °
    plate type quick release - with 1/4'' screw quick release - with 1/4'' screw
    quick release yes yes
    safety payload 3.31 lbs 1.5 kg
    Weight 2.45 lbs 1.110 kg