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Manfrotto LED Lights: Better Light, Better Video.

You know how to use your camera flash to light up photos, but when you want to shoot films and videos with your compact, mirrorless or DSLR camera, you're back in the dark.

Manfrotto LED Lights are small constant light sources designed specifically to improve the videos you want to share with your friends and family (but great for photography too); they fit your camera's flash shoe when you're using them, and fit in your pocket or bag when you're not.

Find out more about what makes Manfrotto LED Lights special, how they'll help your videos, and how to choose between them and use them in this mini-site!

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Why Manfrotto LED Lights?
Continuous light, designed for video.

photo: courtesy of Adam Plowden

Shooting video indoors, in subdued light or when your subject is backlit requires constant light. Manfrotto LED Lights provide exactly the balanced, continuous light source needed for great results - videos you'll be proud to share with friends and family!

Soft, even light for flattering portraits.

Without LED lights
Flash light and other light sources often cast an unnatural light on skin, or overexpose people's faces.

With LED lights
Manfrotto LED Lights emit light at the same neutral temperature as daylight, which means it's gentle and flattering to skin tones for better people videos and portraits.

No red-eye!

Without LED lights
Flash photography causes "red-eye" in photos.

With LED lights
If you use your Manfrotto LED for photos, you'll also notice that you don't get vampire red-eyes in your night-time and indoor portraits; that's because LED light is continuous, allowing eyes to adjust properly to the light before you take your photo.

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