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Manfrotto MAXIMA LED light

The ML840H MAXIMA-84 Hybrid+ LED light is the largest and most powerful in the Manfrotto range.


The ML840H MAXIMA has 84 LEDs, making it the most powerful Manfrotto LED Light. Its range and power mean it can be used to light, brighten, or provide an accent light for larger subjects, groups of people and interview videos. Wedding photographers and videographers find it useful for low-lit nighttime scenes, while product and food photographers appreciate its strong neutral light and low heat output. Ideal with DSLRs.

Even, soft, flattering light for video and photography:

Continuous light source ideal for video, without heat. Variable dimmer from 0-100% brightness
Sync-cable flash function
Neutral daylight-equivalent light temperature gives accurate skin tones
Includes light modifiers: diffusor, 2 x gels
No red-eye!

Take it wherever you go:

Compact and lightweight
Rugged, durable and with a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery


Flash shoe fits on top of almost any camera. DUO fitting allows horizontal or vertical attachment, and means units can be stacked for greater power.
Standard 1/4" thread fits light stands, clamps and other accessories
Can also be hand-held
Ball head to hotshoe system allows the ML840H to be pivoted, angled and turned

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