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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


A 'catch-all' category where you'll find everything from the 322RS electronic shutter release (and related cables for camera connection), to 3/8' - 1/4' adapters, spiked feet for tripods and monopods, panoramic levelling systems, low angle adapters, replacement centre columns, short columns, table- and wall-mounts, clamps, car window mounts and more.


All Manfrotto adapters provide for a high level of customisation, thanks to a wide range that can accept any lighting fixture, in order to match any requirement.


Our extremely modular background support system is reliable, simple to use and flexible enough to match most of your support needs for paper, drapable, hand-painted or canvas backgrounds, in the studio or on location. For core mounted backgrounds the...


Bases for stand comums and extensions.

Camera Stands

Accessories for camera stands


To improve the positioning flexibility of our tripods, a shorter centere column is available as an accessory which can be ordered separately.

Dollies And Spreaders

For use in studios and on flat, level ground, dollies help you move your tripod and heavy equipment around without having to pick it up and risk overbalancing it, and are ideal for video work where a rail/carriage system would be impractical or too rigid...


Feet or rubber shoes for various tripods.

Fig Rig

The 'steering wheel' 595B Fig Rig video camera support is backed up by a range of accessories.


Plates for photo and video heads.


The head is the component that really gives you control over your camera or videocamera, so it's worth choosing carefully. Your first choice is between heads designed for photographic use (such as three-way, geared, ball or pano heads) and heads for video...


Joints for arms.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are recommended to increase the level of protection and comfort while using and carrying tripods.

Microphone & Speakers

Adapter and microphone holders.


Monopods are ideal travel and outdoor companions, taking up little space yet giving invaluable support and better results than hand-held shooting. Favoured also by sports photographers using long, heavy lenses but needing lightning fast reactions and...


Photo and video general accessories.

Plate Adapters

Adapters for photo and video plates.


Quick release camera-to-head plates, plate assemblies, sliding plates and other adapters.

Pump Cups

Pump cups allow you to mount small lights and accessories from walls, floors, doors, ceilings, windows, mirrors or any other smooth surfaces where no other mount can go.


A complete line of foot conversions to adapt our tripods and monopods to all types of terrains in order to give them the maximum stability possible.