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How to Use

Pocket supports have a standard 3/8” screw that fastens the plate to the tripod mount on the underside of any camera or camcorder. Once securely fastened, Pocket can stay attached at all times without adding much bulk, so you can still fit your camera in your pocket or bag, yet have it ready at a moment’s notice when you need it. You can still shoot hand-held with Pocket attached too.

Once fitted to your camera, to use Pocket to improve your photos or videos you simply fold the three independent rubber-coated feet out, and position them as required in order to level or tilt the camera for the framing you want. Pocket is especially useful in letting you tilt the camera backwards or forwards to make sure people’s heads or feet aren’t cut out of your shots.

You can use Pocket to level and steady your camera on almost any horizontal or near-horizontal surface – a table, shelf, bar, wide rail; on indoor floors or on outdoor ground (stones or a flat rock, for example).

Using a Pocket support is better than resting the camera directly on the horizontal surface not only because of the framing and levelling flexibility it allows, which will improve the quick photos you take, but also because Pocket lifts and protects your camera above any moisture, spilled liquid or rough surface that could damage it.

Then, once you’ve finished shooting, fold the feet back up and your camera fits back in your bag, pouch or pocket.

Check the Pocket tutorial video to see first-hand how it’s used.

NB. No matter where you decide to use Pocket, as ever with a camera it’s best to make sure that no harm can come to your equipment if it’s inadvertently knocked over (avoid using it in strong wind over mud, water or a long way above hard ground, for example).


Pocket supports help you support, level and tilt your camera on almost any horizontal or near-horizontal surface, indoors or outside, to get exactly the shot you want.

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