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STILE Pouches

Pouches are the smallest bags for compact & point-and-shoot cameras, ideal if you don't need heavy padding, just basic protection against scrapes, scratches and the elements. A STILE pouch can be attached to your belt, or fit inside your day bag, keeping your camera and essential accessories together.

Stile Pouches offer all this, with classic style.

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Carries the essentials:

STILE Pouches hold your compact camera along with essentials like batteries, memory cards and a USB cable.


Colour and size options for a perfect fit:

Available in several sizes to fit different amounts of equipment, and in three colours to suit your style.

No added bulk:

Small and elegant, a pouch fits inside your day bag.

Know someone who has a real camera at home gathering dust, just because "ufff, man, it's so heavy"?

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