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STILE Shoulder Bags

A STILE shoulder bag (or messenger bag, as they're often called) is great for photo days out in the city, or for carrying a full set-up of camera gear and tablet/laptop for work shoots. Shoulder bags can keep your gear behind your body if you're on a bike, or in front of your body for safety and ease of access as you're walking along.

Sleek yet discreet on the outside (unless you opt for the bright red one), STILE Shoulder Bags are specially designed to hold and protect valuable camera gear with special compartments for a DSLR camera, a spare lens or a flash and bigger items like a laptop or tablet and a Manfrotto Compact Tripod, each in a separate, padded protective space. The shoulder strap is also well padded for non-slip comfort. You can access your camera gear by opening the flap, or by unzipping the top opening for greater speed on the go.

STILE Shoulder Bags are all within the dimensions for aircraft cabin luggage.


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Discreet on the outside, protective on the inside

With no big bright logos, STILE shoulder bags don't draw unwanted attention. The inside is purpose-designed to carry and protect camera gear, with separate padded zones for a camera, spare lens or flash, laptop/tablet, Compact tripod, memory cards, batteries, Pocket table-top support and whatever else you need to take with you.


Colour and size options for a perfect fit:

Available in several sizes to fit different amounts of equipment, and in four colours to suit your style.

Get to your camera quickly

Larger STILE Shoulder Bags have a top zip as well as the buckled flap to allow you to get equipment from the bag quickly and easily.

Know someone who has a real camera at home gathering dust, just because "ufff, man, it's so heavy"?

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