National Geographic Africa Rain cover

NG A2560RC
  • Protects your gear from bad weather
  • Ideal for small to medium backpacks or small to medium satchels
  • Water repellent design
  • Stylishly designed with a National Geographic logo
  • Openings for bag straps ensure easy transport


A camera rain cover bag you can depend on in bad weather. The National Geographic Rain Cover is your perfect companion for the rain. Get the most out of your Africa Satchel bags or backpacks with this must-have addition, which is extremely lightweight and compact. Fold it away into a neat little package in a flash and store it in your bag or pocket. Then, when the clouds break, you can quickly lay it out and cover your bag or backpack. And with water-repellent protection, you can rest assured that all your contents - from camera bodies to accessories - will be protected from the elements. This camera rain cover bag includes a stylish National Geographic logo and is perfect for medium and small backpacks or medium and slim satchel bags. With dedicated openings for your bag's straps, you can carry all your gear comfortably and hassle-free when your out and about. It has also been designed to the highest standards in Italy, which means it's built to last and will withstand the test of time. Now you can be prepared for the unexpected. The National Geographic Rain Cover is guaranteed to keep the water out. Never let the rain ruin your adventure.


Warranty National Geographic Bags

This product has a Standard 2 Year Limited Warranty and eligible for a free 8 year Limited Conventional Warranty Extension upon Online Product Registration.



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