Off road ThrilLED Light & Bracket for GoPro cameras



  • Portable LED light for your GoPro® camera
  • Aluminium design makes the kit lightweight for your ease of use
  • Wide 60° beam angle so you can take perfect shots
  • Includes GoPro® mount to attach your support accessories
  • Comes with compact pouch so you can safely store the kit


Lightweight reliability combined with compact illumination. The Off Road ThrilLED Light & Bracket for GoPro® cameras is specially made for shooting in unpredictable conditions with your GoPro® HERO 3 and 4.

Surface Mount LED technology reduces the size of this kit while still maintaining high power. The 60° beam angle and 225 lumens brightness functions as the perfect soft light. This ensures you can take well exposed images even in low light conditions.

The carefully selected high-quality LED lights also provide the most vivid of colours and perfectly natural skin tones in your photos and videos. This high colour rendition comes from the kits Colour Rendition Index (CRI) of 80, bringing your images to life like never before.

Dimmable LED lights provide you with three levels of intensity. This is ideal for operating in different environments, and no matter where you are the lights can easily be recharged with a USB connector. Perfect for getting back to work if the power starts to run low.

Specially designed from aluminium, this lightweight bracket perfectly fits the shape of your GoPro®. With the easy to use red knobs and dedicated mount, you can connect the bracket to the LED light and your GoPro® in seconds. This also allows you the correct orientation of the LED lights, so you your set up is good to go from the start.

The GoPro® mount has a standard 6.35mm thread. Thanks to this, a huge range of supports are available to you for attaching to this kit.

To complete the equipment, it comes with its very own pouch for storing all connecting parts. This means you can transport the Off Road ThrilLED Light and Bracket for GoPro® cameras with ease.


Warranty: 2 years + 3 year extension

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