Set of 3 Leg Warmers for series 190

  • Offer great grip
  • Protect legs + insulate hands when using tripod in cold weather
  • Set of 3 Manfrotto Patented Leg Warmers
  • Zip system to easily fit tripod legs and not slip down in use
  • Compatible with 190 series


Set of 3 Manfrotto Patented Leg Warmers, which have a zip system so they can be easily fitted and will not slip down in use. Offer good grip. Protect the legs and insulate your hands when using the tripod in cold weather.


Warranty: 2 years + 8 year extension

Manfrotto Photo Accessories, select studio, tabletop and virtual reality supports are covered by a Standard Limited Warranty (two years from date of purchase) and are eligible for a free Standard Limited Warranty Extension, upon online product registration, for an additional eight years - thus up to ten years from date of purchase. For more details or to register your product, please visit:



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