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Avenger 40'' Extension Grip Arm

Availability: SKU D520

Avenger 40'' Extension Grip Arm

Availability: SKU D520

  • Chrome plated steel and aluminium alloy
  • Includes grip head
  • Can hold a small light head, flag, or reflector
Avenger 40'' Extension Grip Arm
  • Chrome plated steel and aluminium alloy
  • Includes grip head
  • Can hold a small light head, flag, or reflector


This chrome plated steel arm is normally used on stands in combination with a grip head (D200) and it provides an extended grip point for scrims and flags or small lights. Pipe length is 102cm. Also available in black.

Additional Information

Weight 38.8 oz 1100 g
Arm Length 40.16 in 102 cm
Arm Tube Diameters 0.63 in 16 mm
Attachment (bottom) 16 mm 16 mm
Top Attachment Grip Head size 115mm Grip Head size 115mm
Closed Length 20.08 in 51 cm
Colour Silver Silver
Material Aluminium Aluminium

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