Interior design photography
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If you’re just starting to try your hand at interior design photography, and you’re looking to use your photos in the real estate market, but you don’t quite know where to start, have no fear!

We’ve got the guide full of interior photography tips to help you get set up, and insights into the best interior photography lighting studio equipment to use to create the perfect shots.


Lighting, stands and light control – the essentials of studio photography

When it comes to interior design photography, finding the right lighting is especially important. You want to find the right lighting that portrays the space in the most attractive light possible, which can be easier said than done, especially if you are dealing with an interior that also exposed to light from many different angles.

If you are just starting to equip your kit, other than the right lens for interior architectural photography, you will need a powerful light source that provides adequate lighting as well as the tools to reflect and diffuse lighting to fit to the kind of images that you want to produce. The Lastolite by Manfrotto product line offers a variety of different lighting solutions and accessories. Lastolite also provides an array of products to reflect or diffuse light in a space and provide full control over your light source, all of which are easy to pack up and use outside the studio.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of lighting you will use to make your shots, you need to start thinking about lighting support. A great tool to start out with to support your lighting is the Nano Photo Stand, Black, which is a compact, lightweight lighting stand suitable for lightweight LED and flash lighting that is easy to set up and take down, while its light weight and small size make it easy to take with you on the go.

When it comes to light control, you can’t go wrong with the HaloCompact Reflector 82cm Silver/White, which is a portable panel reflector that is the perfect solution for photographers and videographers on the move. The reflector fabric clips onto the lightweight, aluminium frame, which is collapsible, making it easy to set up and use.

Camera support and stands for interior photography

Finding the right camera support is critical. Manfrotto’s camera tripods are the best in the business, made in carbon-fibre or aluminium, they are lightweight, yet sturdy. The tripods provide you stability and flexibility while framing up your shot. The Magic Photo Arm Kit, Aluminium with Locking Lever is another life saver: the arm and clamp can be used together with a variety of Manfrotto products and afford you a wide range of maneuverability and positioning. Despite its light weight, it can support up to 3kg of equipment, and with the arm’s bracket, can easily be attached to the base of the camera to make shooting from any angle a breeze.

For support for your other equipment, check out the stands and clamps of the Avenger product line. The Avenger products are designed to support heavy payloads and can be used together with other Manfrotto products to help support your lighting or backgrounds while shooting.

Interior architecture photography on the road – Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader series

Interior architecture photography is bound to take you outside the comforts of your own studio, but before you hit the road, you should check out our Pro Light Reloader camera bags. The bags of the series are specifically designed to provide your equipment the maximum protection, and give you peace of mind, while travelling. The Pro Light Reloader Switch-55 carry-on camera bag, for example, is designed to protect DSLR cameras, as well as 4/5 additional lenses, through its strong, lightweight construction. The bag’s stylish design sets it apart from other camera bags, and they are designed to fit as carry-on items. They are constructed from Rip-Stop fabric to ensure the durability of the bag.

That’s it for our tips on interior design photography!Hopefully it has helped youdiscover the best equipment to better outfit your studio!

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