One hundred years of Gitzo innovation culminating in a masterpiece. Foreshadowing the new century’s spirit by defining tomorrow.

the extraordinary

Capturing miracles as perfect as they are needs someone who looks at the fine details that no one else has detected. This is the driving force that makes us focus on the details to create the most reliable tripods and photo supplies.

Gitzo stands for the most premium tripods and photo supplies for professional and aspirational photographers worldwide.

Every Gitzo product is hand-assembled, hand-pack- aged and hand-checked by craftsmen who devote their time to maximum precision and quality

Putting emphasis on reliability, craftsmanship and innovation, Gitzo products help passionate photographers take their skills to the highest level.

We create products that serve as lifelong partners for aspirational photographers.

The world’s most exclusive photography masterpiece

Celebrating the brand’s 100th anniversary, this flagship product, named after the visionary founder who created the company in 1917, establishes a new paradigm combining technical perfection, exquisite, iconic design and transcendent functional art.

Exclusive Limited Edition available in only 100 pieces worldwide

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The very first model on the market to feature a full carbon fibre spider, setting the industry's standards for excellence.

As the most lightweight premium version, the carbon body of this exclusive limited edition design will turn a tripod into a lightweight masterpiece.

Numbered from 1 to 100, each piece will be crafted as a unique Gitzo tripod with the customer’s signature on the product.

New all-black look, outstanding from head to foot. Redesigned spider, locking collars and selector lines for an even more distinctive tripod.

the 100 YEAR

The innovative 100 Year Anniversary Edition Tripod is not just a celebratory photography support. It is the ultimate high-performance professional tool featuring unique design and the very latest technology.

Available worldwide in a very Limited Edition of 1917 pieces

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Exquisite new high-appeal look and feel with distinctive design, brand-new magnesium spider, new leg angle selectors and locking collars.

Each piece is exclusively numbered from 1 to 1917, the year of the company foundation.

The new black & titanium grey colour combination is an elegantly contemporary expression of this exceptional flagship product

The limited-edition tripod features a genuine Italian leather with a carbon fibre look, for extreme comfort in use


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Fluid Gimbal Heads

Gitzo lives by the spirit of innovation and proudly presents the new Fluid Gimbal heads, achieving the perfect combination of fluid movement and optimum balance.

Camera Bag collection

Created for Gitzo traveler fans - introducing the unique high-class camera bag collection.

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    Systematic The strongest, most rigid carbon tripods in the market

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    Mountaineer Gitzo’s ‘all-purpose’ carbon tripods make use of the most advanced technologies, such as the stateof- the-art Carbon eXact tubing.

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    Traveler Extremely lightweight and compact professional carbon tripods based around the 180° leg folding system pioneered by Gitzo.

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    Center ball Extremely balanced and versatile heads with strong locking and smooth movement.

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