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Photography for Beginners:
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You’ve taken the leap into the world of photography - you’ve got yourself a fancy new camera and you’re ready to take some stunning shots. Now you’re faced with all these different accessories: tripods, lenses, lights, filters… so where do you begin?

The first thing we recommend for any beginner photographer is a camera bag. First of all, they let you take your camera with you anywhere. Everyone knows “the best camera is the one you have with you”.

The other important thing is of course keeping it protected. You can’t just throw your state-of-the-art DSLR into any old backpack and hope for the best. You need to know that it’s safe and secure no matter where you venture off to.

There are a few other things to keep in mind choosing the right one, so pay attention and you’ll soon know what to look out for. We’re here to help you find the perfect camera bag and make your photography for beginners journey that little bit easier.

NX Collection - Versatile Bags for Everyday Life

A fine choice for beginner photographers, the range of NX camera bags offers both style and protection for carrying your camera and accessories anywhere you go. They’re made to support your lifestyle, no matter whether you’re on an adventure abroad or you’re just heading to the park with some friends. Just pick the one that’s most suited to your kit and you’ll have the perfect companion to carry your gear in.

If you’re looking for something small and compact to just take your camera and memory cards with you, a holster will probably be your sort of thing. There’s a bag for Canon or Nikon CSCs (Holster I), and one for DSLRs (Holster II). Both have a top fast opening for easy access, and can carry extra bits and pieces in their pockets.

For a slightly larger size, the messenger and shoulder bags will keep your camera safe along with some additional equipment. The Messenger I, for example, will hold your CSC or DSLR, plus lens, with room for personals, and even a dedicated compartment for a laptop. It’s made to be portable and easy to carry, while still offering enough space to take all your items with you.

We’d also like to mention one of the full-size bags in this range - the CSC Camera/Drone Backpack. It’s designed with CSC users in mind - you can access your mirrorless camera and lenses through the opening on the back, making it safer than your standard Canon camera bag. It’s also great for drone owners - the interchangeable dividers let you to custom fit the inside around your gear.

Street Collection - Support For Your Urban Expeditions

Starting with a larger option from the Street Collection, the Medium Camera Backpack is a weatherproof bag designed to carry your DSLR or CSC along with lenses, accessories, and your laptop. There are dedicated compartments for each accessory, with padded dividers to keep everything protected. It can even adapt to fit a full drone kit if you need it to. It’s ideal for transporting all your kit around the city.

One of the great mid-size bags in this range is the Street Camera Messenger Bag. It’s a top-opening stylish camera bag that comes with padded pockets and removable dividers to organise your kit exactly the way you want to. A flexible choice, it can be used as both a Canon or Nikon camera bag to carry your DSLR or CSC. Just sling your bag for beginners over your shoulder and head out into the concrete jungle.

For those of you who need something compact and portable, the CSC Camera Sling/Waist Pack might be the bag for you. As the name suggests, it can be used as either a waist pack or a sling. Just use the carry strap with removable shoulder pad to easily convert from one to the other. Although it’s quite small, this one could be used to carry your drone and a 9.7” tablet, as well as a water bottle in the concealed pocket, and even a tripod or selfie pole too.

For a few tips to get your urban photography up to scratch, our street photography for beginners guide will give you some useful tips to capture top fashion shots on your metropolitan adventures.

That’s it for our recommendations - hopefully you’ve narrowed it down a bit or even chosen your first camera bag already. If you need a hand choosing which equipment to fill your new bag with, our travel pictures accessory guide will give you 4 stellar choices perfect for any beginner photographer.

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