Slider 60cm, with 502 head

  • Head with Variable Fluid Drag System for smooth operation
  • Head with fixed counterbalance system
  • Head with sliding plate ensures fast setup
  • Solid and steady slider solution thanks to the wide binary
  • Slider with dry friction system


This kit includes Manfrotto’s 502 flat base fluid video head and Manfrotto 60cm slider.
The 502 fluid video head features variable fluid drag system in both pan & tilt movements and fixed counterbalance system of 4Kg. The head comes with a payload up to 7kg of equipment and easy link 3/8'' connectors to allow an external monitor or other accessories to be fitted.
In just a few simple steps and within minutes professional videographers and photographers can add the value of tracking shots to their videos, achieving a whole new level of creativity that sets them apart from other colleagues in the profession. This is a sturdy yet lightweight, extremely portable slider solution that’s quick and easy to set up on a tripod, on the ground or any level surface. The slider gives a vast choice of shooting options while ensuring perfectly balanced friction that can easily be adjusted to tailor the creative feel of tracking shots in indoor and outdoor locations. This high-quality sturdy and steady solution is made in Italy using the best materials:
fully machined anodized aluminium; high precision steel ball bearings; extra-silent, PSU - high performance polymer wheels. Numerous standard attachments enable it to be combined with accessories and products such as arms and Digital Director.


Warranty: 2 years + 3 year extension

Manfrotto Video Accessories are covered by a Standard Limited Warranty (two years from date of purchase) and are eligible for a free Standard Limited Warranty Extension, upon online product registration, for an additional three years - thus up to five years from date of purchase. For more details or to register your product, please visit:



3.88 kg

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