NG Australia camera and laptop backpack for DSLR

NG AU 5350


  • Premium backpack for enthusiast travel photographers
  • Fits DSLR with 70-200/2.8 attached and up to 5 additional lenses
  • Rear access for maximum security; side access for rapidity
  • Manfrotto Protection System shock absorption & camera protection
  • Converts into an everyday backpack


The National Geographic Australia camera and laptop backpack for DSLR/CSC keeps your photography gear safe. The combination of materials used is inspired by the red and blue of Australia’s outback and seas. It is designed with careful attention to detail and premium materials: earthy-red, genuine Italian leather and water-repellent fabrics evoking Australian scenery and colours. On the inside, the bags feature a colourful eucalyptus-leaf print lining reminiscent of Australia’s typical natural landscapes. A fresh look and essential design helps photographers keep a casually low profile while gear is kept safe by the renowned Manfrotto Protection System.

Perfect anywhere - from desert to downtown - this rear access backpack holds a medium size DSLR such as Canon5D mark III & Nikon D750 with a 70/200 mm f2.8 lens attached, up to 5 additional lenses and/or a selection of accessories. By simply adjusting the internal dividers, it easily fits a premium Compact System Camera. The camera compartment zipper is concealed close to the body at the back of the pack so valuable equipment stays secure inside. An additional side access allows users to quickly grab their gear so they never miss a shot. The backpack is also designed to accommodate all the necessary personal items for the most memorable adventures. Extra space for personals is obtained by simply unzipping the internal compartment, turning the photography pack into a comfortable, roomy day pack. The NG Australia Camera and Laptop Backpack has a dedicated 15” laptop compartment and plenty of pockets inside and outside to accommodate all the required essentials. It also features a tripod holder on the outside.


품질 보증

품질보증은 정상적인 사용방법에 의해 사용 중 제품의 이상에 대한 무상 수리를 의미합니다.무상서비스 기간은 1년이며 단, 정상적인 사용(임의로 제품 변형)이 아닌 경우 또는 고객과실로 인한 서비스는 유상으로 처리 됩니다 품질보증 기간은 지역별/국가별로 상이할 수 있으며 위에 명시한 품질보증은 세기P&C에서 제공하는 무상 서비스 기간입니다. *세기P&C 정품이 아닌경우 A/S서비스에 제한이 있을 수 있습니다.



1.15 kg

내부 메인 칸막이 넓이(W)

29 x 15 x 40 cm

카메라 인서트 넓이

29 x 15 x 25 cm

외부 넓이

30 x 23 x 44 cm



삼각대 연결부

Compatible Drones Models

DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

노트북 칸막이 넓이

27 x 2.5 x 29 cm


천연 가죽, 합성 섬유

렌즈의 개수


개인 소지품 보관부 넓이

29 x 15 x 15 cm

개인 소지품 보관함

삼각대 보관부 넓이

15 x 9 x 21 cm

기어 타입


가방 타입


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