Off Road Stunt Pole with GoPro® Mount, Compact

  • Ultra-lightweight action camera pole for easy shooting
  • GoPro tripod adaptor with 6.4mm thread attachment included
  • New resin and fibreglass body for extreme lightness
  • Fast and easy set up for spontaneous shooting
  • Comfortable handgrip and wrist strap ensures maximum security

상세 설명

Capture your adventures like never before with the Manfrotto Off Road Stunt Pole for GoPro®. Ideal for shooting extreme sports experiences, this powerful mount offers an innovative solution for the outdoors by leveraging lightweight and durable technology.

Featuring an all-new high-performance and lightweight design, this pole with head has a 3-section tube made from a combination of fibreglass and special resin, to make it extra solid. Weighing only 66g, it is the lightest pole on the market and the best solution for extreme sports enthusiasts. A mere 27cm long when closed but reaching 59cm when open, it is compact and ideal for use in all action situations.

The Manfrotto Off Road Stunt Pole functions similarly to a fishing rod: its tubes are conic and open/close telescopically for an extremely fast set up. Adjustable at different lengths, the tubes eliminate the need for bulky locking levers for a compact system designed for spontaneity.

The camera pole comes with a GoPro® adaptor completely made of plastic and compatible with all GoPro® camera models so you can really capture your adventures. It features a universal female thread at the bottom making it compatible with any support. Thanks to the universal 6.4mm attachment on top of the pole, accessories can be changed quickly and easily.

Live in the moment without worrying about the safety of your camera. The comfortable hand grip and wrist strap ensure maximum security no matter your situation. Simply secure the telescopic pole to your wrist for free movement and realistic point-of-view shooting. An unparalleled choice for capturing your most exciting experiences.


품질 보증

품질보증은 정상적인 사용방법에 의해 사용 중 제품의 이상에 대한 무상 수리를 의미합니다.무상서비스 기간은 1년이며 단, 정상적인 사용(임의로 제품 변형)이 아닌 경우 또는 고객과실로 인한 서비스는 유상으로 처리 됩니다 품질보증 기간은 지역별/국가별로 상이할 수 있으며 위에 명시한 품질보증은 세기P&C에서 제공하는 무상 서비스 기간입니다. *세기P&C 정품이 아닌경우 A/S서비스에 제한이 있을 수 있습니다.



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58 cm

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