Earth Explorer

The Earth Explorer Photo Bag Collection reflects National Geographic’s dedication to exploration and conservation. The bags are an ideal blend of today’s protective carrying technology and a traditional explorer look and feel. They provide ample room to carry cameras, accessories, and personal belongings. Each bag in the Earth Explorer collection has solid brass buckles with an antique finish and is manufactured from a variety of environmentally friendly materials. The inside of each bag has been designed with great care and attention to detail, ensuring the protection of a camera or other electronic devices in the best way possible. The Earth Explorer bags are perfect for every type of travel and are available in many models and sizes, these bags have ample room for camera equipment and personal belongings.
The Earth Explorer holsters and pouches hold only the barely essential, a Compact System Camera or a small DSLR. The Earth Explorer Shoulder Bags are designed for carrying everyday personal gear, along with some media accessories and a Compact System Camera or DSLR camera with lens attached.
The Earth Explorer Slings have multiple compartments to hold both personal gear and photographic accessories in a comfortable and easy-to-access way.
The Earth Explorer Backpacks have been designed to hold all your essentials while keeping your photographic and video gear, as well as a laptop, safe and secure. They also offer room for personal effects and guarantee cool and comfortable carrying thanks to the padded backs and shoulder straps.
Choose from a small waist-pack right up to a roller duffle bag for longer trips; the Earth Explorer Travel Bags have been created to accompany photographers everywhere.

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