The Mediterranean Photo Bag Collection is inspired by the sea and travel. The deep blue canvas of the bags is parallel to the deep blue colour of the Mediterranean Sea and the blue and white stripes further add to the nautical theme. Ochre leather trim adds a touch of freshness and personality, enriching the style of the entire collection. Designed and engineered with Manfrotto technology, these bags incorporate protective padding to ensure the protection of photographic equipment and other electronic devices. The red stiches inside each bag indicate the most protective sections. Moreover, each bag has been designed to provide easy access to your photographic gear. The comfortable design ensures you not only enjoy, but also immediately capture, your travelling experiences and cultural discoveries.
The Mediterranean Medium Holster is the perfect choice to carry only the essentials: a mirrorless camera or entry-level DSLR camera, with an extra lens.
The Mediterranean Shoulder Bags easily accomodate and protect a DSLR camera or Compact System Camera with lens attached and an extra lens, or flash. They also have space for other small accessories, such as a tablet and personal belongings.
The Mediterranean Medium Sling is designed for carrying everyday personal gear along with a DSLR camera, smartphone and other small accessories. The bag features a designated protective zone that safeguards delicate equipment within.
Finally yet importantly, The Mediterranean Backpacks allow you to easily carry all your essentials. They are divided into upper and lower sections by a hidden, removable pocket. Photographic equipment can be safely stored in the lower compartment, which is easily accessible from the front pocket. These backpacks also provide a simple solution for carrying both your laptop and your tripod.

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