Rain Forest

The Rain forest collection gives you the chance to take the lead role in your very own adventure movie.
Inspired by the environment and population of the rainforest, these bags make you want to travel around the world and capture the best memories of your travels. The external fabric’s green and taupe colours are reminiscent of the lush vegetation’s big green leaves and majestic tree trunks, while the internal lining recalls the typical handicrafts made by the forest’s local inhabitants.
The collection is composed of five practical models. A medium backpack that takes care of all your photographic gear, accessories and personals -tripod and laptop included - on your most demanding day trips. A medium messenger -the perfect compromise between capacity and practicality- takes care of your DSLR camera and accessories along with a selection of personals and your laptop. A compact shoulder bag is dedicated to your CSC camera and a choice of accessories and personal belongings. There is also a comfortable body pack that is an ideal solution for holding your CSC camera on your field trips. Finally, the most compact model in the Rainforest family: the practical waist pack holds your CSC camera and a number of small accessories.
All the bags in this collection provide extreme protection for your camera leaving you free to focus fully on the most enjoyable and memorable travel experiences.

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