The Walkabout Photo Bag Collection is the perfect companion for the modern urban jungle. Inspired by graffiti artists and dynamic city lifestyles, these bags are fully accessorised and versatile enough to fit the full range of essential media equipment, such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera, laptop, tablet and a smartphone.
The inside has been designed with great care and attention to detail, ensuring the protection of a camer
The Walkabout holsters allow you to capture life’s moments effortlessly while holding and protecting your personal items, photographic gear and media accessories. The Walkabout Shoulder Bags help you make the most of your everyday adventures, while holding and protecting your Compact System Camera or DSLR with lens attached, as well as media accessories and a laptop up to 15.4".
The Walkabout Backpacks enable you to travel freely knowing you always have your essentials with you. The lower padded compartment holds a DSLR camera with lens attached, additional lenses and a flash. The upper compartment holds personal necessities. A divider between the upper and lower compartments can be removed to create one large storage space. Carry with the handle, slide over a trolley using the rear strap or carry on your back. Padded, breathable fabric ensures cool, comfortable use.

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