The Manfrotto Virtual Reality range also includes a choice of Virtual Reality Camera kits and Virtual Reality bases that make it easier for you to create the perfect 360° VR videos and shots from many different perspectives. Manfrotto responds to the latest trends in photography and videomaking by offering you everything you need to film and take original shots, with endless possibilities of immersive Virtual Reality vision. Select the Manfrotto Virtual Reality kit that best fits your 360° camera, depending on the type of results you want to achieve. If you love unconventional photography and are interested in innovative trends, check out our range of action camera accessories and smartphone or iPhone camera accessories: tools for unconventional photography, capturing exciting images on the go and even turning your phone into a small, high-performance camera.

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VR range VR suction cup MCUPVR MCUPVR


kr 1 099,00
Vekt 1.3 kg
Clamps tilbehør Nej
Loftskinne tilbehør Nej
Produkt - lengde 15 cm
Produkt høyde 20 cm
Still life tilbehør Nej
Vedlegg topp 1/4" skrue, 3/8" skrue, 5/8" (16mm) stikkontakt, 5/8" (16mm) tapp
Superclamp Kompatibel Nej
Farge Svart
Materiale Aluminium, Gummi
Produkt - Dybde 15 cm
VR range VR small aluminium kit MKPROVR MKPROVR


kr 769,00
Vekt 0.205 kg
Vedlegg topp 1/4" skrue, 3/8" skrue
lengde 30 cm
Max. høyde 29 cm
Max. bærevekt 2 kg
Color Main Svart
Farge Svart
Easy Link Nej
Bentype Enkel
Benvinkler 18°
Materiale Aluminium
Max arbeidstemperatur 60 °C
Min. høyde 21 cm
Min arbeidstemperatur -30 °C
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2 Produkter

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