Mini Tripods

Manfrotto Mini Tripods have been conceived as small and unobtrusive solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers to use in situations in which they cannot have a full-length tripod with them.

A mini tripod will provide a stable base for the camera so you can perfectly frame your subject and obtain shake-free, clear and smooth images, with the further advantage of being small enough to be carried in almost any camera bag or sometimes just left connected under the camera body when not in use.

The most professional mini tripods in the Manfrotto range are also perfect as table tripod solutions for heavy cameras. They are also highly appreciated for ground level shooting. Most of these mini tripods feature adjustable legs enabling the camera to be mounted in the tightest or lowest of locations and their rubber-padded feet protect the most delicate surfaces. There are multiple series of mini tripods dedicated to different types of cameras and photographic applications. Some of them have been specially conceived for Compact System Cameras and entry level DSLRs while others are specifically designed for high-end DSLRs or as an alternative to monopods.

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  • Table Top Tripod

    Table Top Tripod

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    Technical specifications
    Safety Payload Weight 4.41 lbs 2 kg
    Min Height 1.77 in 4.5 cm
    Maximum Height 1.77 in 4.5 cm
    Closed Length 5.51 in 14 cm
    Colour Black Black

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