Tripod Heads

Manfrotto Tripod Heads are fundamental products in the Manfrotto tripods range. Expertise, quality and continuous innovation make these products reliable companions for all photographers looking for a tool that will give them full control of their camera.

A tripod head’s importance is paramount: it is the one component that really gives you control over your camera, so it’s worth choosing very carefully indeed. The first choice is between three-way, geared, or ball head tripods.

The head should be the first thing to be picked if the factors that determine your choice of support system are versatility, application-specific design, speed in use, or precision. Once you have found the ideal tripod head, you can look for the perfect tripod legs to match it.

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    XPRO Geared Three-way pan/tilt tripod head
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    Technical specifications
    Safety Payload Weight 8.82 lbs 4 kg
    Material Technopolymer Technopolymer
    Head Type Geared Head Geared Head
    Top Attachment 1/4″ screw 1/4″ screw
    Base Diameter 2.36 in 60 mm

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