Black Case for iPhone 6 Plus + kickstand



  • Protective photographic case for iPhone 6 Plus
  • Kickstand with 1/4'' thread to connect the iPhone to any support
  • Unique aesthetics and functionality
  • Perfect connection with all the elements of the system
  • Available in 3 different colour combinations
kr 99,00 kr 249,00


The brand new KLYP+ photographic case perfectly fits the shape of your iPhone® 6 Plus. It is a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. Solid, stylish and extremely useful, this case guarantees maximum protection from scratches and falls. It enables you to shoot perfect artistic pictures and videos thanks to its dedicated line of accessories.
This case in the basis of the overall KLYP+ system allowing the connection of a set of 6 interchangeable lenses, a LED light with a tripod mount and a PIXI mini tripod.
It comes with a kickstand, which provides basic support to the case and easy connection to any tripod thanks to a 1/4” thread attachment.



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