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This Policy is provided by the Data Controller, Lino Manfrotto + Co. S.p.a. (hereinafter referred to as “Manfrotto”) and/or the company Vitec Group Italia S.p.a., pursuant to articles 13 and 122 of the Italian Legislative Decree No. 196-2003 taking into account the Provision issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority No. 229 of May 8th, 2014, relative to the “Simplified Arrangements to provide information and obtain consent regarding Cookies”.


1. What are “Cookies”

Cookies are small files of text and numbers which are downloaded and stored in the memory of one’s browser (for ex. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) when visiting a website or when using a social network. Cookies are stored, according to the user’s preferences, by a single browser on the specific user’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone). These cookies are used by the Data Controller and its partners for technical, statistical and/or profiling reasons. Cookies contain only the information voluntarily supplied by the Client and said term refers to cookies and to all similar technologies.

Said information may be reused during the same visit to the website (session cookies) or later, even after many days (persistent cookies).

Cookies, in fact, are used by Manfrotto to understand and improve the content which are of interest to its users. Cookies are stored on a server and no one can access the data contained in it. A cookie can neither gain access to any other data on the user’s hard drive nor transmit computer viruses or acquire email addresses. Each cookie is unique to the user’s web browser. Some of the cookies’ functions may be transferred to other technologies.


2. Types of cookies used by this Site

On the basis of the characteristics and the use, various types of cookies can be identified.
In detail, the Site utilizes:

Technical cookies strictly necessary. They are cookies which are essential for the proper functioning of a website, which are used to manage various services related to the websites (such, for example, a login or the access to the reserved functions on sites). The duration of the cookies is strictly limited to the work session or they stay for a longer time in order to remember the visitor’s choices. The disabling of cookies that are strictly necessary may compromise the user experience and the navigation of the website.

Analytic Cookies. These cookies represent a particular type of cookies aimed at collecting information and data primarily for statistical and business purposes, in order to analyze the traffic and usage of a Site in an anonymous and aggregated form to optimize the services offered. These cookies allow also to monitor the system and improve its performance and usability. The disabling of these cookies may be performed without any loss of functionality and it will be discussed in detail hereinafter.

Profiling cookies. These are permanent cookies used to tracking the user, in an anonymous and non-anonymous way, while improving the user’s navigation experience. With these cookies, users may be profiled for their tastes, habits and consumers’ choices. For more information on these cookies, please visit the dedicated section on the Site


3. Purpose of the processing and purposes of the sessions technical cookies

Cookies used on our Site have the purpose of executing computer authentications, session monitoring as well as the storing of specific technical information regarding the users accessing the servers of the Data Controller who manages the Site. To this end, some operations on the Site, could not be performed without the use of cookies which, in such cases, are technically necessary. The access to possible reserved areas of the Site and the activities that can be conducted, for example, would be much more complex to perform and less secure without the presence of cookies which allow to recognize the user and maintain the identification during the session.
Pursuant to article 122, paragraph 1 of the Privacy Policy, the technical cookies may be used even without the consent of the interested party. Furthermore, the same European Organization which gathers all the Data Protection Authorities for the privacy in the member States (the so-called Working Party "Article 29”) has clarified in the “Cookie Consent Exemption” that they are cookies for which it is not necessary for the preventive and informed consent of the user:

  1. User input cookies (session ID), for the duration of the session or persistent cookies limited to a few hours in some cases;
  2. Authentication cookies, used for authenticated services, for the duration of a session;
  3. User centric security cookies, used to detect authentication abuses, for a limited persistent duration;
  4. Multimedia content player session cookies, such as flash player cookies, for the duration of a session;
  5. Load balancing session cookies, for the duration of a session;
  6. Persistent cookies for the customization of the user’s interface, for the duration of a session or slightly more;
  7. Third party social plug-in content sharing cookies, for logged in members of a social network.

The data controller, therefore, informs that on the Site technical cookies are operational (such as those listed above) necessary to navigate inside the Site as they allow the use of essential functions such as authentication, validation, management of a browsing session and fraud prevention. By way of a non-limiting example, they allow: the identification of the user if the user has had regular access to the Site areas that require the preventive authentication or validation of the user themselves; the management of the sessions relative to the various services and applications; the storing of the data for the access in safe mode or the control functions and fraud prevention.

For the maximum transparency, below are listed a series of technical cookies and of cases of specific effectiveness on the Site:

  • Cookies installed directly by the user on the computer (which will not be used for ulterior objectives) like, for example, session cookies used to “fill the cart” in the on-line reservations on the Site, authentication cookies, multimedia content player session cookies, such as flash player cookies only for the duration of the session, customization cookies (for example for the choice of navigation language, ID and password recall completed with the typing of the first characters, etc.);
  • Cookies used to statistically analyze the accesses/visits to the Site (called analytic cookies) which pursue exclusively statistical purposes (and not for profiling or marketing) to collect information in an aggregated form without the possibility of a go back to the user identification. In these cases, since the regulations in force require that for analytic cookies it must be provided to the interested party the clear and adequate indication of the simple methods to opt-out from their system (included possible anonymization of the cookies), we specify that it is possible to disable the analytic cookies as follows: open your browser, select the settings menu, click on Internet options, open the privacy tab and choose the desired level of cookies blocking. If you wish to delete the cookies already saved in the memory, it is sufficient to open the security tab and delete the history checking the box “delete cookies”.

    4. Third party cookies

    Through Manfrotto’s Site, one may receive cookies from sites managed by third parties, also profiling ones, which may reside in Italy or abroad.

    A current example in the majority of the internet sites is the presence of YouTube videos, use of Google Maps, use of the so-called “social plugin” for Facebook, Twitter, Google. These are parts of the visited page directly generated by the above-quoted sites and integrated in the page of the hosting Site. The most common use of the social plug-in is designed to share the contents on social networks and increase the user experience of the visitor.

    The presence of these plug-ins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all the sites managed by third parties. The management of the information gathered by third parties is governed by the relative regulations to which we will refer to later. To ensure greater transparency and ease in finding the relative information, we list below the web addresses of the different informative resources and of the method of cookies’ management, specifying that the Data Controller does not have any responsibility for the activity on this site or of third party cookies. We engage on our Website in interest based advertising, including email marketing or remarketing technology providing by third parties, such as:

  • Google policy: on the use of data at addresses and full disclosure at link
  • Google (configuration): guide on the general opt-out for the Google services (Maps, YouTube…) is available at the web address
  • Facebook (configuration): access your account. Privacy section or follow the various guides present on the web, for example
  • Facebook policy: and
  • Twitter information:
  • Twitter(configuration):
  • Google+ information:
  • Google+ (configuration):
  • Bronto informativa (email marketing tool):
  • CrazyEgg (Heat mapping tool):
  • HotJar(Heat mapping tool):
  • Optimizely (A/B testing and UX tool):
  • Criteo (Remarketing tool):
  • Trustpilot (Reviews tool):

    6. Responsibility for the operation of Third Parties Cookies

    On this point, we quote what expressly was decreed by the Italian Data Protection Authority on Cookies Privacy of May 8th, 2014: “There are several reasons why it would appear impossible to require a publisher to provide information on and obtain consent for the installation of cookies on their own website also with regards to those installed by "third parties".

    In the first place, a publisher would be required to always be equipped with the tools and the legal and business skills to take upon themselves the obligations of third parties – thus, the publisher would be required to check, from time to time, that what is declared by the third parties corresponds to the purposes they are actually aiming at via their cookies. This is a daunting task because a publisher often has no direct contact with all the third parties installing cookies via their website, nor do they know the logic underlying the respective processing. Furthermore, it is not seldom the case that licensees step in between a publisher and said third parties, which makes it ultimately highly difficult for the publisher to keep track of the activities of all the stakeholders.

    Secondly, third parties' cookies might be modified by the third parties with time, and it would prove rather dysfunctional to require publishers to also keep track of these subsequent changes”.

    As indicated above, this Site, does not have the possibility of controlling third party cookies in case third party services are used (YouTube, Google Maps, “social buttons”) which the liability is exclusively of the third parties. Furthermore, we remind about the possibility for the user to delete and block the operation of the cookies at any time using also the plug-ins for the browser and by modifying the settings as indicated in the various manuals contained in the browsers.


    7. Mandatory or optional nature of the consent for the operation of cookies which do not pursue marketing purposes

    With the exception of technical cookies, strictly necessary for the normal navigation, it is not mandatory to obtain the consent of the interested party for the operation of technical cookies or of third parties or analytical cookies assimilated to technical cookies. Their deactivation, however, may cause the impossibility to properly navigate the site and/or the impossibility to make use of the services, pages and features.


    8. Data Controller and Responsible parties for the processing

    The Data Controller is the company Lino Manfrotto + Co. S.p.a. (“Manfrotto”) and/or the company Vitec Group Italia S.p.A. The responsible party for the processing is the pro-tempore Legal Representative

    9. Rights of the interested party

    With particular reference to the right of the users on the matter of cookies, some links are provided below: for additional information on cookies and on how cookies influence the navigation experience. for a broader look at cookies, and on the best practice and on the use of the aimed advertisement through the use of cookies.
    The Cookies section at to know the best practices supplied by the Data Protection Authority for the protection of personal data.

    At any time, the interested party will be able, without any formality, exercise the rights provided in article 7 of the Privacy Policy (also using the specific form supplied by the Data Protection Authority at

    The interested party, pursuant to the same article, has the right to ask for the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the blocking of the data processed in violation of the law as well as opposing themselves, for legitimate reasons, for its processing.

    Requests may be addressed, without formality, to the Data Controller which is the company Vitec Group Italia S.p.a. by sending a communication via e-mail to the address:

    As a reminder, once the personal data has been deleted, it cannot be recovered and also the content stored in the Services will be permanently eliminated. The personal data of the user will be deleted also when they will no longer be necessary for the objectives for which they were originally collected.


    10. Third party Sites

    Third party sites, to which it is possible to access through this Site are not covered by this policy. The Data Controller, therefore, declines any responsibility regarding them. The cookies categories used and the type of processing of personal data by these companies are regulated by the policy supplied by the latter. We suggest you verify the third party websites for additional information on the relative cookies and their management.


    11. Privacy Policy

    For additional information on the processing of personal data collected on this Site by the owner Lino Manfrotto + Co. S.p.a. (“Manfrotto”) and/or by the company Vitec Group Italia S.p.A. please consult the Privacy Policy and the privacy information pursuant to article 13 of the Privacy Policy.

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