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Camera Bags for Women:
The Perfect Gift
Idea for Her

You need to get her something for that special occasion, but you haven’t found the perfect gift yet. You know she’s into photography and could do with a camera bag, but which one do you get her?

There’s so many to choose from! When you’re looking through the huge range of camera bags, there are two main things to think about:

Which style of photography she’s into. Is she into fashion photography ? Or is she more of a foodie? Does she take pictures of people? Or mostly landscapes?

What camera(s) and accessories she’ll be carrying. Does she go on trips with just her CSC? Or does she like to take her drone, her laptop, and all her accessories everywhere?

Once you’ve worked out those two things, choosing the right bag should be a bit easier. We’ve even put together a selection of our top camera bags for women to give you a few ideas.

Manhattan - For Urban Commuters

Let’s kick things off with a couple from the Manhattan camera bags collection. These bags are made for city explorers who take their photography gear everywhere with them. If she’s often on the bus or train taking shots around town, this might be the collection for her.

For girls with a bit more gear, the Mover-30 Backpack might be what she’s hoping for. It’s designed to carry a DSLR or CSC along with a laptop and accessories. The interior compartments are padded for extra protection on the move, and the exterior is made of a coated fabric for easy cleaning.

The Changer-20, on the other hand, is a 3-way shoulder bag that can be transformed into a backpack or tote bag. It’s a bit more compact, but still has plenty of space for a laptop, DSLR, and all the accessories.

Noreg - The Modular System With 3 Bags in 1

From the Noreg collection , we’re excited to recommend the Backpack-30. The unique thing about this is that you can remove the different compartments and use them as standalone bags. The camera unit inside can be taken out and used as a shoulder bag, or the pocket on the back can be detached and used as a standalone laptop sleeve. This makes it the perfect gift for girls who like going on trips and taking travel pictures as they go.

Just like the Backpack-30, the Messenger-30 also has a modular system with removable parts you can use as standalone bags. There’s a camera pouch and a laptop holder inside that can be used separately, making it more like 3 bags in 1. If you can’t decide which type of bag to get her, just pick one of these!

Windsor - The Stylish Option

This one’s for the smart and stylish photographers - the journalists, the architecture lovers, and the fashionistas. Every bag follows a vintage-chic theme with a cool grey exterior and leather straps. This stylish look makes them the perfect camera bags for women.

It’s a tough decision between those in this range, but when in doubt, just think about which type of bag she might like. There’s the Camera and Laptop Backpack for ladies who carry everything with them, or there’s the shoulder and messenger bags for those who want a smaller option. The Messenger M, S, and the Reporter Bag are all great gift ideas. If you think she might like something with a bit more leather, you might want to check out our full range of leather camera bags.

Pro Light - Durable Bags for Adventurers

Last but not least, we bring you the range for explorers. Any woman who’s into her landscape and wildlife photography will appreciate the Pro Light camera bags Collection. All made from strong-yet-lightweight materials, these bags are ideal for climbing mountains or venturing into the wilderness.

If backpacks are her thing, you could get her the Bumblebee-130. It’s a Design Award 2018 winner with space and support for some serious camera kit. The Camera Protection System makes it perfect for keeping a DSLR and a whole myriad of accessories safe and secure.

The smaller option from this range is the Bumblebee M-10. It’s a messenger bag made for outdoor shooters that will keep her camera gear protected from the elements. There’s also a discreet opening with a built-in velcro silencer to whip out her DSLR without scaring off the wildlife.

Made your mind up?

After looking through all these camera bags for women, you should have a better idea of what you might want to get her. Just work out which collection best suits her style, then pick the right sized bag for her camera gear. If you haven’t quite decided yet though, our guide to stylish camera bags should give you that little bit of extra inspiration you need.

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