The importance of lighting in
product photography: The setup

As every professional still life photographer knows, good quality lighting and controlled exposure is key, especially when it comes to professional product photography, where it is integral to the desired effect of the image.

When trying to catch the eye of potential consumers, great lighting can make all the difference between making a sale and missing an opportunity.

This guide aims to point you in the right direction in your still life photography lighting setup, helping you to find the best equipment for yourstill life studio photography lighting.


Studio lighting and exposure control – the best setup for product photography

Illuminating your subject matter with the right lighting is especially important when it comes to product photography. Not only will you need a lighting source that is powerful and designed to last, for which Manfrotto offers a host of lighting products that are unmatched in performance and value, but also a set of tools that are able to modify your lighting to whatever your needs may be. Whether you need LED lights to illuminate your subject, or lighting scrims and diffusers to distribute light and soften shadows, Manfrotto’s got you covered.

For all the equipment that you need to construct the right lighting setup for your shot, the 3-Pack Mini Compact Photo Stands, Air Cushioned Black is perfect for supporting your led lights, flash lights and strobe lights. This three-pack of lighting stands is lightweight and features air-cushioned risers to ensure maximum safety to prevent your kit from getting damaged through controlled dampening when lowering.

The Lastolite by Manfrotto lighting product series, preferred by product photographers and videographers for the array of product photography lighting equipment that it offers, such as the Cubelites and Light Tables, which allow you to control the light that falls on the products from all sides, reducing shadows and isolating the subject. The Lastolite product lighting equipment controls the light exposure and shadows that fall around their subject matter, making them the perfect solution for product photographers looking to market their products online, through channels like Instagram, Amazon or eBay.

To soften the light that hits your subject, check out the Collapsible Diffuser 50cm 2 Stop, whichlets you be creative in diffusing the light around your subject, reducing the diffused light by two stops to soften and control your light source. The Trigrip Diffuser 75cm 2 Stop features an ergonomic handle to allow positioning with one hand. The triangular shape makes it easy to maneuver and provides additional rigidity. Both diffusers are collapsible and come with a bag for easy transportation.

Rather than manually fixing diffusers and reflectors into position, Lastolite has a series of brackets, like the Universal Bracket For 50cm - 1.2m Collapsible Reflectors to support your reflectors. Link the brackets to one of the 3-Pack Mini Compact Photo Stands, and you have steady, reliable positioning of your reflectors and diffusers.

Pro Light Reloader travel bags – for the photographer on the go

When you’re on the go, transport your equipment stress-free, reassured by the knowledge that your gear is protected. For your tripods and tripod heads, check out Manfrotto’s of tripod bags to make sure your equipment is protected while on the move. Manfrotto camera bags from the Pro Light Reloader series like the Pro Light Reloader Air-50 and the Pro Light Reloader Air-55 carry-on camera roller bags protect DSLR cameras through its strong, lightweight construction, as well as three additional lenses. The bags are made of a rip-proof fabric to guarantee the quality and life of the products, and best

Product videography: tripods, heads and other quintessential accessories

If you’re just getting into shooting product videos, make sure that you take a look at Manfrotto’s selection of video tripod solutions for camera support and tripod video heads for smooth, controlled panning and tilting, and eliminating judder. Manfrotto’s virtual reality kits, will let you take your videos to the next level, capturing your target audience with 360 degree virtual reality videos.

Hopefully you found our guide for product photography lighting helpful as you are setting up your studio!

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