244 Micro Arm with Arri style adapter

  • Perfect for camera rigs , tripods and external monitors
  • Interchangeable adapters
  • Secure attachment of equipment
  • Ergonomic handle for precision-controlled movement
  • 3/8” Arri Style anti rotation adpt. & 1/4” anti slip adpt.
$ 119.99


The 244MICRO-AA kit features the industry leading 244 Micro friction arm and two essential adapters: The 3/8'' two pin (Arri style) anti-rotation adapter and the 1/4'' Anti Slip Adapter all in a convenient kit perfectly tailored for the creative professional. These adapters remain interchangeable and are easily removed using the hex key provided to enable users to customise their set up to fit their needs.

With the imaging industry changing at rapid speed, the discerning professional needs to be able to adapt quickly to the task at hand and their kit needs to be able to adapt with them. The 244 Mini and Micro variable friction arms ability to be customised to the users’ needs makes these supports and accessories invaluable in a wide array of shooting situations.

The included 3/8'' two pin (Arri style) anti-rotation adapter is compatible with the widely used Arri style attachment in the video and cinema industry, commonly found on camera housing rigs, monitors, LEDS and tripods. It features a 3/8'' thread with tightening knob and two anti-rotation pins to ensure a secure and solid fixing. The reversible steel plate featuring the anti-rotation pins also allows use of the 3/8'' thread without the pins for added versatility.

The included 1/4'' Anti Slip Adapter features a stainless steel circular plate with a 1/4'' thread attachment, the plate has a soft rubber textured surface ideal for safely fastening a whole host of accessories including external monitors, LED lights, Microphones and more with less chance of them becoming loose or getting damaged.


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0.25 kg

0.55 lbs


3 kg

6.61 lbs

Arm Length

15 cm

5.91 in

Top Attachment

1/4″ thread female

1/4″ thread female

Attachment (bottom)

3/8″ thread female with AR

3/8″ thread female with AR

Closed Length

11.8 cm

4.65 in





Aluminum, Steel

Aluminum, Steel

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