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Our multifit sofboxes are a range of softboxes which can be used with traditional studio flash, battery operated flashguns and the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX range. Our innovative designs offer solutions for even the most demanding shoots. Ezybox II is a range of unique fast fit softboxes. The softboxes feature a unique softbox frame which fits directly to our Ezybox Square, Ezybox Octa and Ezybox Switch softboxes. Depending on your chosen light source, a choice of adapters can then be used to link the light source to the softbox frame. So, rather than buying different softboxes for every light you own the Ezybox II now offers a true ‘one system fits all’ solution. The bigger the softbox, the softer the light! The MegaLite is a large 180cm x 120cm (6’ x 4’) portable softbox and silver reflective panel.

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LL LS2351N LL LS2351N

Ezybox II Speedring Plate for Bowens

$ 64.99
Weight 0.103 kg
Weight - In Bag 0.197 kg
Ezybox Pro Octa main LL LS2721P

Ezybox Pro Octa Large 102cm

$ 199.99
Weight 0.315 kg
Diffuser - Height 102 cm
Diffuser - Width 102 cm
In Bag - Depth 14 cm
In Bag - Height 52 cm
In Bag - Width 42 cm
Depth 66 cm
Height 120 cm
Weight - In Bag 1.7 kg
 D813223 LL LS2430

Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 Compact Softbox for Flashgun

$ 74.99
Weight 0.25 kg
Diffuser - Height 22 cm
Diffuser - Width 22 cm
In Bag - Depth 6 cm
In Bag - Height 30 cm
In Bag - Width 34 cm
Depth 22 cm
Length 22 cm
Height 23 cm
Width 23 cm
Weight - In Bag 0.25 kg
Weight 0.15 kg
LL LS2354N LL LS2354N

Ezybox II Speedring Plate for Profoto

$ 64.99
Weight 0.225 kg
Weight - In Bag 0.338 kg
LL LS2705 LL LS2705

Ezybox II Elinchrom Quadra Spigot

$ 24.99
Weight 0.315 kg
Weight - In Bag 0.074 kg
LL LS2930 1 LL LS2930

Fabric Grid for 12 x 48 Hot Rod Strip Softbox LL LS2630

$ 89.99
In Bag - Depth 10 cm
In Bag - Height 30 cm
In Bag - Width 30 cm
Weight - In Bag 0.27 kg
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