Lumimuse Classic Filter Kit (Eight Count)



  • Compatible with LUMIMUSE 6 and LUMIMUSE 8 LED lights
  • Snap fit filter mount included for easy setup
  • Filter kit for easy colour corrections
  • A portable addition to you kit
  • Filter set includes 8 commonly used filters
$ 19.99


Capture you best shots even in difficult lighting situations with the Lumimuse Classic Filter kit. Versatile, portable, and convenient, this nifty addition will help you get more out of you Lumimuse and Lumimuse 6 LED lights. Including 8 commonly used light filters for photography and cinematography, this filter kit allows you to create various corrections and effects with ease.

Extremely easy to set up, this light kit is indispensable for photographers looking to perfect their practice. Allowing for a variety of colour possibilities, you'll be able to set the mood and effortless fine-tune your lighting to your environments. Discover the difference that proper lighting can make, and never get stuck settling for mediocre colour corrections again. The filters can easily be mounted and dismounted on you LED lights for each specific scene of photograph, so you can adjust on the go.

Alter you light sources and achieve you desired aesthetic for an image that lives up to it's full potential. Perfect for outdoor shooting, these colour filters make you shots looks more natural and refined. Use the red filters for landscapes, blue for shooting skies, and green for capturing foliage. Included is a convenient storage case for added portability.

The kit includes the following filters:

• ¾ CTO
• ¾ CTB
• Primary Green
• Primary Red
• Primary Blue
• Heavy Diffusion
• Medium Diffuser
• Soft Diffuser


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