Photography studio setup:
how to do it professionally

Wrestling with the feeling that your photography studio is missing something to take it to the next level?

Whether you’re just starting to develop your studio or you’re an experienced photographer looking for the newest addition to your studio equipment, fear not, we’ve got the definitive guide on setting up a professional photography studio, full of insights into the best tips and equipment to complete your studio and guarantee that you always get the perfect shot.

When it comes to setting up your professional photography studio, you’ve got to make sure that you have all the basics covered. For the amateur photographers that are just starting to develop their studios – when you hold photoshoots in the studio, finding the right support to create the effect you want is key. Your photography studio should be set up to match the kind of photos you want to produce, so read on to get a better idea of how to outfit your photography studio to match your needs and exceed your expectations.

How to choose the best lighting for studio photography

Of course, no studio is complete without great lighting and an assortment of different backgrounds, giving you versatility in the type of images that you can produce. If you’re a professional photographer looking to build up your repertoire of still life photos, or an amateur just starting out, Lastolite product line for still life has the best lighting for studio photography.

Designed to be used together with flashguns, the Lastolite by Manfrotto umbrella lights are versatile and functional, making studio umbrella light setup easy to ensure adequate lighting for the photoshoot. These products were designed and intended to be used together with the other products of the Manfrotto line, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

The best lighting requires the best lighting support

Beginner photographers looking to take their studio to the next level will not only need an adequate light source, but also stands, clamps and other accessories  to support their lighting. Manfrotto’s lighting stands, like the 3-Pack Mini Compact Photo Stand, are strong and lightweight, featuring the Quick Stack System, making them easy to set up or take down and move.

Additional lighting support solutions like Autopoles can be used to provide support to background lighting equipment. They are ideal when you need to fit your lighting support into tight spaces, or in support of crossbars held up with the B/P clamps that were made specifically to be used with the poles.

How to set up a professional photography studio: tripods and supports

Providing the right support for your camera is essential for creating astonishing still life photos, and when it comes to support, tripods are the way to go. Manfrotto’s Tripods are known around the world for the sturdy support they offer, and tripods like the 055 carbon fibre 4-section photography tripod of the Manfrotto 055 series allow photographers to take shots from any perspective thanks to the 90-degree column system, while quickly and easily locking into place.

The Flexible Easy Link connector makes it simple to connect tripod heads to the tripod, such as the 057 Magnesium Ball Head with Top Lock, designed with levelling bubbles for precision while supporting heavier payloads, and intended to be used with the 057 tripod.

Our tripods are generally carbon-fiber or aluminum, making them light, easy to pack up to carry between locations in any one of our tripod carrying bags, that are water repellant and durable to minimize wear and tear, and provide interior padding to protect the equipment, including delicate tripod heads.

That’s it for our brief guide to photo studio setup – hopefully it has helpful in guiding you through your studio setup. When it comes to moving your gear from one studio to the next, remember, Manfrotto also offers photographers light, comfortable, and convenient travel solutions for camera bags, such as the Pro Light Reloader Air-50 carry on roller bag of our Pro Light Collection for when you are moving from one photoshoot to the next, and need to take your studio equipment on the road.

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