Carbon Fiber MDeVe Tripod w/ 50mm Half Ball

  • Innovative 3-section carbon fibre video tripod
  • 50mm levelling column with aluminium half ball
  • Pre-set leg angle for fast set up
  • Removable centre column
  • Inbuilt levelling bubble for total accuracy
CA$ 779.95


The flexible, smart tripod for photographers, videographers and filmmakers. you really couldn't ask for a cleverer stand than the MDeVe Magfiber Video Tripod. Designed with professionals in mind, this tripod is packed with intuitive features that will make every shoot a breeze. And it’s versatile enough for a whole range of mounts including lightweight camcorders.

This high-performing video tripod is made from carbon fiber for extra strength, durability and portability. This makes it strong enough to reliably hold all kinds of equipment. The center column is completely removable too giving you even greater creative flexibility, and it features a 50mm diameter aluminum half ball along with a 50mm leveling ball. This enables you to find the perfect angle with just a few sure movements, speeding up you set-up time and allowing you to work extra-smart.

Other great features include leg angle selectors with pre-set angles, allowing for even speedier and fuss-free positioning. Designed as a true hybrid tripod, it can be used to mount a flat base video head or a photo head, making a truly dual purpose stand. And because it’s been made to be lightweight as well as strong, it’s easy to pack up and carry around with you regardless of where you shoot.


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1.9 kg

Top Attachment

3/8″ screw

Ball Flat


Safety Payload Weight

7 kg

Closed Length

63.5 cm

Maximum Height

164 cm


Carbon Fiber

Bubble Spirit Level (No.)


Carrying Bag Included


Center Column






Leg Type


Leg Angles

23°, 47°, 66°, 89°

Leg Lock Type

Flip Lock

Leg Sections


Legs Tube Diameter

20.4, 24.8, 29.2 mm

Maximum Height (with Center Column Down)

139 cm

Maximum Working Temperature

60 C

Min Height

46.5 cm

Minimum Working Temperature

-30 C

Upper Disc Diameter

60 mm

Accessory Compatibility

127, 127VS

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three-faceted column

Three-faceted column

magnesium castings

Lightweight magnesium is used for die-cast parts. Magnesium has a density of 1.74g/cm3 as opposed to aluminum's 2.70g/cm3 - a 35% reduction. Despite its lower weight, magnesium is more rigid than aluminum, and has the same strength per volume.

100% carbon fiber tubes

Manfrotto tubes are made of 100% Carbon Fiber in order to reach high quality standards and high levels of performance, rigidity and lightness. Carbon fiber tubes can be very different in quality, depending on the production process and the percent of carbon fiber material present in the tubes. Manfrotto chose to reach the maximum quality using 100% carbon fiber and the pull winding technology (a special production process able to maximize performance, resistance and reliability).

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