Studio Geared Head

  • Micrometric knobs for precise movements
  • Locking systems allows for quick movements on the axes
  • Lightweight and reliable aluminium body
  • Geared tripod head with levelling bubble for precise framing
  • Ideal for mounting on studio column stand
CA$ 1,059.95


Heavy-duty, portable, and dependable, the Studio Geared Head gets the job done with ease. Offering precise geared movements in 3 directions, it’s a professional add-on to you kit that delivers reliably smooth shots. Designed for portability, it can handle heavy equipment without weighing you down.

Made from lightweight and sturdy aluminum, this geared tripod head features rotating handles for sturdy pan and tilt movements. It also features a separate handle for side-to-side leveling. When not in use, the handles can conveniently be folded away for added portability. Ideal for traveling photographers, this tripod head weighs a mere 5.7 lbs., yet can handle an impressive payload of up to 22 lbs. Rest assured that you gear is safely in place and focus on capturing that perfect shot.

it's intuitive design facilitates tricky 360° pans, +90 to -30° front tilts, and +90 to -30° lateral tilts. Thanks to the leveling bubble, you movements will be controlled, and you framing will be precise. This clever addition ensures that you'll save time and energy during you next shoot. Finally, the tension-holding round quick release plate keeps you camera in place, but can easily be released for fine tuning.

Mount this geared tripod head to studio columns or larger tripods and protect your gear with great security and control. Included are three 6.35mm camera attachment screws for added versatility. Designing in Italy with the highest standards of quality, this tripod head was built to last and withstand the tests of time.


Warranty: 6 months + 9 ½ year extension

Befree, Befree Advanced, 290, 190, 055, Xpro Monopods, Xpro Heads and Manfrotto Tripod heads are covered by a Standard Limited Warranty (six months from date of purchase) and are eligible for a free Standard Limited Warranty Extension, upon online product registration, for an additional nine years, six months - thus up to ten years from date of purchase. For more details or to register your product, please visit:



3 kg

Top Attachment

3/8″ screw

Safety Payload Weight

10 kg

Ball Locking


Base Diameter

74 mm

Front Tilt

-90° / +30°



Bubble Spirit Level (No.)


Plate Type

quick release - with 3/8″ screw



Degrees of Rotation for Each Full Turn of Handle

8.57 °

Friction Control


Head Type

Geared Head

Independent Pan Lock


Independent Tilt Lock


Lateral Tilt

-7.5° / +7.5°

Maximum Working Temperature

60 °C

Minimum Working Temperature

-30 °C

Pan Bar Included


Pan Drag


Panoramic Rotation

360 °

Quick Release


Tilt Drag


Working Height

16 cm

Technical specifications Full list
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