Manfrotto 2 in 1 Tripod Spreader for 645 FTT and 635 FST



  • 2 in 1: Spreader suitable for middle and ground applications
  • Quick and easy leg angle adjustment
  • Compatible only with 645 FTT and 635 FST series
  • Variable diameter with controls


Manfrotto Tripod Spreader 2 in 1 for middle and ground applications. Compatible with Manfrotto Twin Leg Fast Alu/CF (645 FTT series) and Single Leg Fast CF (635 FST series).


Warranty: 2 years + 3 year extension

Manfrotto Video Accessories are covered by a Standard Limited Warranty (two years from date of purchase) and are eligible for a free Standard Limited Warranty Extension, upon online product registration, for an additional three years - thus up to five years from date of purchase. For more details or to register your product, please visit:



0.48 kg



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ground level set

This new feature allows you to remove the centre column to save weight and get the camera closer to the ground. Uses existing components: the upper disc with reversible 1/4" - 3/8" bolt and the column hook assembly: Remove column and fix the disk directly to the upper casting using the column hook. No tools needed.

mid level spreader

Built-in mid-level spreader adds anti-torsional rigidity and stops the tripod legs from accidentally being knocked wider apart. Compared to a ground-level spreader or dolly, the mid-level spreader has the advantage that it stays well out of the mud and dirt and is more suitable for use on uneven terrain.

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