The 055 Collection

The new Manfrotto 055 allows unlimited creativity for professionals and guarantees better-than-ever camera stability. The everlasting ergonomic design ensures extraordinary ease of use.

Unprecedented Stiffness

Quick power locks with high locking power guarantee the maximum camera stability.


High Payload: 9kg/19.8 lbs.


90° column and 4 leg angles allow to reach any position.

Quick Power Lock

With the new 055 camera stability is guaranteed more than ever.

Compared with the classical locking levers, the QPL allow to apply extra locking power  to the leg locks which, in turn, increase the stiffness  of the tripod and enable it to support a higher payload.

Higher locking power does not mean compromise on ergonomics: QPL have a 1 Hand Opening mechanism which cuts the set up time and makes the operation comfortable.


The new horizontal column mechanism combined with the 4 leg angles allows the new 055 to smoothly reach whatever camera position you have in mind.

Unlimited Creativity

The Easy Link attachment, allows to convert the new 055 in a portable photographic studio.

By simply attaching an arm with an LED light, a reflector, or any other accessory, the new 055 goes beyond the classic boundaries of tripods’ functionalities.

Available in Aluminium and Carbon Fibre

The 055 is also available in carbon fibre versions providing extra camera stability and maximum transportability, thanks to increased rigidity and reduced weight.

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