Manfrotto offers the widest and most professional choice of photography lighting to serve the photographic, broadcast and entertainment industries.

Thanks to unrivalled experience in this field, Manfrotto and Lastolite combine revolutionary concepts and innovative design with advanced production technology, offering quality photo lighting products and led photography lights that are unmatched in terms of performance and value. All the needs of the demanding photographer, working either in the studio or on location, are fulfilled by Manfrotto’s comprehensive range of photography lighting equipment, including Lighting Stands, Clamps, Arms & Brackets, Lighting Booms, and Adapters. Each lighting product is manufactured according to strict quality standards, since safety and reliability have always been high-priority values for Manfrotto. Some examples of features aimed at ensuring dependability and safety are air cushioned locking mechanisms, captive lock-off knobs, rust proof dichromatic treated sockets, high efficiency wheel brake shoes, rock-solid stand locking collars, first class quality components in steel, stainless steel and die cast aluminium. Manfrotto guarantees a fast and effective after-sales support, including the availability of spare parts for all our products.

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Filter Manfrotto XUME Filter Adapter MFXLA82 MFXLA82

XUME 82mm Lens Adapter

£ 17.97 £ 29.95
Weight 0.01 kg
Filter Diameter 82 mm
Filter Adapter Type Lens Adapter
Attachment Type Thread, Magnetic
Material Aluminium
Thickness 5.3 mm
ND8 disclaimer low res MFND8-58

Neutral Density 8 Filter with 58mm diameter

£ 34.95
Weight 0.013 kg
Filter Type ND8
CoatingType antireflective, oil repellent, water repellent
Filter Diameter 58 mm
Number of Coating Layers 16
Stops of light reduction 3
Optical Density 0.9
Filter Accessories included Plastic carry case

Still Life Table Black without Cover

£ 655.95
Weight 13.5 kg
Distance from Floor to Flat Surface 83 cm
Height 193 cm
320PSL 320PSL

Mini Still Life Table without Cover

£ 517.95
Weight 7 kg
Distance from Floor to Flat Surface 70 cm
Height 157 cm
220PSL 220PSL

Still Life Table without Cover

£ 708.95
Weight 13.5 kg
Payload 15 kg
Distance from Floor to Flat Surface 83 cm
Height 193 cm
Filter Manfrotto Polariser Essential MFESSCPL 77 MFESSCPL-77

Essential Circular Polarizing Filter with 77mm diameter

£ 39.99
Weight 0.04 kg
Filter Type CPL
CoatingType antireflective, water repellent
Filter Diameter 77 mm
Number of Coating Layers 2
Light Transmission 68%
Filter Accessories included Plastic carry case
375 375


£ 13.95
Weight 0.08 kg
Length 11.4 cm
Width 75 cm
196B 2 196B-2

Single Arm 2 Section with Camera Bracket

£ 40.70 £ 50.95
Weight 0.53 kg
Payload 0.4 kg
Arm Length 60.5 cm
143N 143N

Magic Arm, smart centre lever and flexible extension

£ 89.30 £ 108.95
Weight 1.17 kg
Payload 3 kg
Arm Length 53 cm
Top Attachment 3/8″ thread female, 5/8″ (16mm) stud
Attachment (bottom) 1/4″ thread female, 5/8″ (16mm) stud
Colour Black
Superclamp Compatible Yes
Material Aluminium, Stainless steel
  • outlet
093 093

Large Cable Clip 28mm to 40mm

£ 3.48 £ 6.95
Weight 0.03 kg
Clamp range - max. (round tube) 40 mm
Clamp Range Min Round Tube 32 mm
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