Gift guide for photographers

Gifts for photographers:
the definitive guide

In this buying guide, we’ve put together a selection of the top gift ideas for photographers to help you choose from the vast array of technical accessories and add-ons.

Cameras often come with a basic camera bag, but it usually isn’t ideal. It could be too small to carry all your beloved ones’ photography gear, or it could be too flimsy to keep everything safe. As photographers are naturally the image-conscious type, they’ll also want to wear something stylish while taking shots of their attractive surroundings.If they’ve already got a perfect bag to carry their kit around, the next accessory on the list is often the tripod. It allows for stability (which is essential for professional-looking photos), as well as providing the ability to get pictures of themselves from afar.

1. Stylish camera bags: the perfect gift for a photographer girlfriend or boyfriend

So, you want to get your other half something nice. You know they’re into photography, but what can you get them? If you know he or she has a smart camera but doesn’t have the perfect bag for it, your decision just got a lot easier. All you need to decide now is which one to get!

Our first recommendation is the Reporter bag from the Windsor collection. It’s not your plain everyday messenger bag. It’s built to both protect their gear and to be a stylish camera bag choice (as we stated in our stylish camera bag buying guide before). The vintage-inspired look might be exactly their sort of thing, especially if your special someone is a fashion photographer.

For the more urban guys and girls who like their street photography, you can’t go wrong with the Manhattan collection. One for those who like to carry their laptop as well as camera gear is the Speedy-10. It can fit a DSLR plus lenses or even a full drone kit. Or if they prefer backpacks, check out the Mover-30. It’s easy to clean, customisable, and large enough to carry plenty of gear. A great gift for photographers on the move.

Next up, we bring you the Noreg collection. The awesome thing about these is that they’re modular - the different parts can be removed to use as standalone bags. The Messenger-30, for example, is made up of three modular elements, and can be used as a small shoulder bag, a laptop sleeve, or a complete camera messenger bag.

You might remember our other top pick from our camera bag buying guide: the Backpack-30. It has that bit more space for even more accessories and extras.

The final two gift ideas for photographer girlfriends or boyfriends come from the Pro Light collection. If the person you have in mind is a CSC user, the Fasttrack-8 is sure to be a big hit. This 2-in-1 sling bag can also be used as a sling strap for fast access. They can just pull and extend the strap to be ready for the next photo! Or the RedBee-110 with included rain cover and tripod connection makes for a great gift for wildlife photographers.

2. Tripods: the stable gift ideas for photographer dads

Whether he’s more of an outdoorsy guy or he’s the one taking the indoor family photos, a tripod is always a great gift for photographer fathers.Handy for stabilising both mobile and SLR shots, the Action Smart Tripod from the Compact series comes with a smartphone clamp as well as the standard camera connector. It’s the tripod of choice for those who like to carry their gear everywhere. Your photographer father can also easily switch it from photo to video mode for those unexpected family moments.

The Aluminium tripod from the Befree Live collection is made specially for capturing smooth video footage. If he’s more of a videographer, this might be just what he was looking for. The attached handle makes it easy to pan while filming in any environment. The lightweight materials mean it’s easy to carry around, making it a great gift for photographer dads who want to upgrade their travel pictures.

For more travel-friendly gifts for photographers, he might like something from the Befree Advanced collection. For example, the Nerissimo Travel Tripod was designed with a matte black finish for a stylish look. And for something more versatile, the Befree 2N1 can easily be converted from a tripod to a monopod for hybrid handheld shooting.

3. Portable gifts for photographer moms on the move

One more from the Befree Advanced series is the GT Carbon Fibre Tripod - an ideal gift for photographer moms who need something portable without sacrificing quality. Its superior stability means she’ll easily be able to operate it even with a hefty camera and lens attached. The PIXI series EVO 2-section is compact enough to carry anywhere, yet it can still hold a DSLR or any device up to 2.5kg. Choose from white, black, or red-anthracite for a mini tripod that she can take anywhere with her.

After she has the tripod sorted, she might want to get fancy with the lighting. The Lumimuse 8 from our range of LED photography lights can be held on a monopod, in your hand, or even set up on a tripod and operated wirelessly from a smartphone. Perfect for selfies from afar!

So those are our top gift ideas for photographers. We hope you found something she or he will love! For example, the Nerissimo Travel Tripod was designed with a matte black finish for a stylish look. And for something more versatile, the Befree 2N1 can easily be converted from a tripod to a monopod for hybrid handheld shooting.

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