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At Manfrotto we know you’re not always going to have your big bulky camera with you at all times. What you will have though? Your smartphone.

With each new generation of smartphone the cameras just keep getting better and better, and, with a wide range of manual settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO , you can still have complete control of the image you’re taking. It really is amazing how high quality the photos and videos are from smartphones now.

However, if you want to take your smartphone photography and videography to the next level, then there are a few smartphone accessories to choose that will really help you out.

Accessories like the PIXI Evo mini-tripod and the Compact Action high-quality aluminium tripod will give you a stable base for long exposure photos, time-lapses and smooth videos.

Meanwhile, accessories like Compact Extreme will allow you to take the ultimate selfie wherever you are in the world.

Our TwistGrip System is one of the most complete smartphone accessories on the market. You can plug in LED lights, an external microphone and a stabilising grip all in one sleek stylish system.

Take a look at our favourite smartphone accessories, see which one is perfect for you and get snapping!

TwistGrip Universal Smartphone Clamp

The Manfrotto TwistGrip is one of our best-selling smartphone accessories due to its sleek ergonomic design and versatility with any phone.

The main purpose of the TwistGrip is to connect any smartphone to any kind of support, to stabilise the camera and the shots you’re taking.

Once the TwistGrip is unfolded, your smartphone is held in place securely by two extendable arms with ultra grippy plastic pads locked in place with a locking knob.

Then, once your phone is in position, the TwistGrip can be screwed into any type of tripod with a ¼” thread support. This means you can use the TwistGrip with a wide range of tripods including the PIXI Evo mini-tripod and Compact Action.

There’s also a cold-shoe lighting connection so you can attach a spotlight on top of the TwistGrip; perfect in low light settings, such as food photography, to illuminate a subject.

The fact that the TwistGrip is made out of aluminium means it’s a well-constructed and durable smartphone accessory. Put it this way – it’s not going to break as soon as you take it out the box, nor in the years to come.

This accessory was specifically devised with all smartphone users in mind, so if you’re interested in smartphone photography then this is the accessory for you!


Have you always wanted to take perfectly smooth videos without the cost of buying an expensive gimbal? Then the Manfrotto HandGrip is just what you’re looking for!

As the name suggests, the Manfrotto HandGrip is a slim and handy pocket-sized grip for your smartphone which will help you shoot even better stills and video.

With a built-in universal ¼” screw, the HandGrip is the perfect accompaniment for the TwistGrip creating a solid connection for the two accessories.

When attached with the TwistGrip to support your smartphone, the ergonomic rubber grip and hand wrist strap provide sturdy support as you capture every moment, while its slender shape gives you a convenient and comfortable hold on any smartphone.

The HandGrip is designed and made in Italy so it’s both superbly stylish and effortlessly functional, with an aluminium body it’s extremely robust too.

If you’re looking at taking smooth videos, or need a more secure grip when taking photos, then you should choose this smartphone accessory.

TwistGrip System

Say hello to the ultimate all-in-one photographic smartphone accessory! Our latest TwistGrip System integrates all the best bits from our TwistGrip universal smartphone clamp and HandGrip to create a system that’s perfect for content creators who shoot photos and videos while on the go.

The beauty of the TwistGrip System is its simplicity in design. Both the TwistGrip and HandGrip screw into an interconnecting plate to create an ergonomic system that incorporates your smartphone, microphone (which connects straight into your smartphone) and a light box too.

This system not only stabilises your videos through the HandGrip but, with the light box and microphone attachment, it means you’ll be able to shoot in all settings with good quality sound.

The beauty of the TwistGrip System is, once you’re finished shooting, all the pieces can be taken apart and put into your pocket; they really don’t take up more room than a bunch of keys.

Also, the TwistGrip System works with any smartphone on the market. All you need to do is connect it all together to take the best shots.

You’re a social photographer who’s always on the go and wants to experience complete freedom and control over your photos and videos? The TwistGrip System will take your shots to a whole new level.

PIXI Evo and the new Pixi Clamp

The brand new Pixi Clamp is the right accessory that combined with our Pixi or Pixi EVO create the smartphone support that can boost your creativity having great photo and video! Thanks to its double lock mechanism (Internal Spring + a lever) Pixi Clamp keep your smartphone always locked and safe! The hot shoe will allow you to complete your set up adding a Microphone or a LED light!

The PIXI Evo is without a doubt one of the best mini-tripods on the market right now.

Expanding on our original PIXI range, the PIXI Evo is even more versatile than its predecessor. Thanks to its increased payload, quality construction and ¼” screw universal attachment the PIXI Evo is compatible with most devices; from smartphones to compacts to DSLR cameras.

Weighing just 270g and with a height of 20cm, the PIXI Evo has a huge payload of 2.5kgs. This means no matter how heavy your smartphone is the Evo will be able to take the weight.

One of the best features of the Evo is you can now take both portrait and landscape photos by being able to fully tilt the aluminium ball head. The PIXI Evo also has a leg extension button with five different positions for the tripod legs. The increased stability and precision gives more accurate pictures when taking photos and videos than ever before.

Following in its predecessor’s footsteps, the PIXI Evo is yet another example of premium Italian design which we’re famous for at Manfrotto and this mini-tripod looks the part in all situations. And when you’re finished with the PIXI, it fits snugly into any handbag or backpack.

If you want to take the perfectly sharp photos or stabilised videos with your smartphone then you really can’t go wrong with the PIXI Evo.


Have you ever been in a restaurant wanting to take a photo of a dish that looks like a piece of art, only for it to come out dark and blurry on your smartphone? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before. What you need is a Lumimuse portbale LED light.

Lumimuse is a set of powerful and portable LEDs for lighting your photos and videos, absolutely perfect for those pesky food photos.

There are four types of lights in our Lumimuse range:

Lumimuse3 – Is the smallest LED light in the range but, even with its diminutive dimensions, you get that extra lighting kick when you need it. With three dimming steps and a battery runtime of 60 to 250 minutes, the Lumimuse3 has a huge lux output of 220 so it really packs a punch for its size.

Lumimuse6 – With double the number of LEDs, the Lumimuse6 has a lux output of 440 and a colour accuracy of >92, making this light particularly good in very low light settings. Also, it’s perfect for popping into your bag or pocket once you’re done with it.

Lumimuse8 – Is the largest and brightest LED in the range with a lux output of 550 but is still ultra-portable. Keeping a couple of Lumimuse8 LEDs in your kit bag gives you great lighting without the need to pack big bulky lights.

Lumimuse8BT – If you want be connected with your light and control it always with your smartphone Lumimuse8BT it the LED for you! Thanks to the app you will have the chance to have a 100% dimmable product, adjusting the light in real time without missing your shot!

One of the best features of the Lumimuse range is that all four light boxes are rechargeable via a USB connection, meaning you don’t have to worry about packing extra batteries. Also, the Lumimuse has an unbelievable battery life of 60 to 300 minutes.

Another benefit of the Lumimuse is that it comes with a number of colour filters. With the Lumimuse colour and diffusing filters, you can create stunning effects for a number of different settings. You can even mix them for additional colour combinations – it’s completely up to you.

In portraiture, good quality lighting makes all the difference. With the cutting-edge technology inside the Lumimuse LEDs, you get perfectly accurate colours and natural skin tones every time, making it such a wonderful smartphone accessory. For those who aren’t truly invested in large lighting and just want to improve smartphone lighting, this is just perfect.

Compact Xtreme- 2-In-1 Monopod and Pole with GoPro® Adaptor

Not only is the Compact Xtreme a monopod for your smartphone, you can use it as a camera pole to take that perfect selfie too!

Innovative, stylish and easy to use defines the Compact Extreme and its dual personality adapts to any situation so you can take slick photos and videos.

With the Compact Xtreme it’s all in the name. It’s 131cm long when extended but still very compact when closed. Once closed, you can pack this gadget away in any bag or backpack giving you the ability to carry on with whatever extreme activity you’re doing.

With the Compact Xtreme you can also attach a number of different accessories to it, such as a ball head and GoPro adapter, so you can use different cameras in different situations.

Compact Action

If you want to take perfectly stable photos and videos then you simply can’t beat a high-quality aluminium tripod.

The Compact Action is a must-have for photographers seeking a professional look while having a very strong but lightweight tripod to help you out in all situations.

This tripod has a unique joystick head with an easy-to-use scroll-wheel locking mechanism and a comfortable rubber grip, enabling you to capture smoother photos and videos effortlessly with your smartphone. The best thing is you can do all of this with just one hand.

With the photo/movie selector, you can switch from photo to movie mode in just a second, so you never miss out on an important photo or video opportunity. The quick-release screw system makes attaching your smartphone super-fast when you’re out and about.

Reaching 131cm in height when fully extended, the worry with this tripod is it’s too big for a smartphone. But, when folded up, it’s actually really small, hence the name 'Compact Action!' With a foldable head and padded carrying bag, this is a smartphone accessory you’ll quickly learn to love.

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