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Travel pictures,
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You often find yourself in those shot-inspiring situations when traveling.

You come across a huge landmark, an enthralling sunset, or a hidden waterfall. It’s obvious when the right time to take a picture is, but do you have all the right equipment with you?

1. The Smartphone Tripod Small Enough to Take Anywhere

It’d be nice to take your whole setup with you wherever you go - your DSLR, your big tripods and all your lenses. They’re great for getting stellar shots close to home, but they’re just not realistic for travelling around with. Phone cameras are upgrading every year, and most of them are now capable of professional-quality pictures. To get the best out of them though, you need a stable platform from which to take your travel pictures.

When you think of tripods, you probably imagine a big heavy thing that needs to be set up on the ground. With the Pixi collection, that couldn’t be further from the truth. These perfectly portable cell phone tripods can be used to stabilise your smartphone ready to take stunning photos. You can even set one up in the distance and use the timer function on your phone to get great shots of yourself. No more awkwardly asking strangers to take the shots for you.

2. A Mini All-in-one Smartphone Solution

Now we’d like to introduce you to a secret weapon of ours - the Twistgrip. An essential piece in the arsenal of smartphone accessories, it’s the ideal alternative to a smartphone tripod. The universal smartphone clamp is designed to connect your phone to the tripods usually reserved for use with DSLRs. It’s small enough to slip in your pocket, and of course made to a high quality in Italy. The perfect travel companion.

For more ways to boost your phone camera’s capabilities, feel free to check out our specialist smartphone accessory buying guide.

3. The Little LED That Adds a Lot of Light

The third accessory on the list is what you might call a bright idea. Lumimuse LEDs are there to light up any subject or setting. They’re portable enough to be taken on any trip, and even come with different coloured filters for changing the mood. These surprising little LEDs come in 4 varying versions, the largest even featuring Bluetooth connectivity. Mount one to your DSLR, tripod or Twistgrip and get shooting those travel pictures.

4. The Perfect Filter for Sunny Shots

Once you’ve got your lighting sorted for the darker situations, you’ll need something to boost your camera’s capabilities on those sunny holidays. What’s called a Circular Polarizing Filter will increase colour saturation and contrast of blue skies, while also reducing reflections you might usually see in your photographs of water or glass. It’ll come in handy on those brighter days that just can’t be captured with your lens alone.

Travel Photography Tips to Take Better Snaps Abroad

To get the most out of your camera and accessories, you need to be prepared to take the perfect shot. Here are a few quick travel photography tips to help you get some portfolio-worthy pictures on your journey.

  • Choose carefully which lenses you take with you. A variable focal lens that works with both wide angles and telephoto is ideal. It all depends what you plan to take pictures of, but it’s best to have the most flexible option always on hand.

  • Take a portable tripod with you. There are plenty to choose from that are small enough to fit in any camera bag or backpack and simple to set up. It really makes the difference in those unexpected moments of awe.

  • Make sure your luggage fits the airline standard before getting to the airport. You’ll be safe with the Mover-50 backpack Manhattan, which is designed to all the appropriate measurements. Just don’t fill it over the weight limit and you’ll be fine! Also, for the drone users, you should check out the aerial photography buying guide.

  • And finally, have patience! Waiting for the right time to pounce can be tiresome, but it’s always worth it when it pays off. There are a lot of factors that you might be waiting a while for, but patience is one of the key traits of professional travel photographers.

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