Photography studio equipment
for beginners: the definitive list

So, you’ve decided to try your hand at photography. You’ve bought the camera, and you’ve got some ideas for some interesting photos. So now what?

Just as good photography requires more than just a creative eye and a camera, so too does a good photographer. It’s time to start thinking about what photography studio equipment you’re going to need in order to get that perfect shot.

When shooting in a studio, finding and maintaining the perfect lighting for your photoshoot, and the right stand to support your camera, are the most essential element for a studio photographer.

If you’re just starting to outfit your studio, fear not. We’ve got the definitive photography studio equipment list to help you find the lighting solution best suited for your needs, take your photography to the next level, and exceed your expectations.

Camera stands: a must-have equipment for photography studios

Camera tripods play an integral role when it comes to taking the perfect picture and Manfrotto’s tripods are known by photographers around the globe for the world-class support that they provide, unrivalled in its stability and versatility.

A truly functional tripod should be able to adapt to fit the next photo shoot, whether it be inside the studio or out in the field. Camera tripods also come in an assortment of different sizes, weights, and materials, so it’s important to understand what your needs are when deciding between an aluminium tripod and a carbon-fibre tripod.

When it comes to the studio photography, you want to make sure that your equipment is sound and will maintain position for the entirety of the photoshoot, but that is also quick and easy to maneuver, so that you can focus on getting the perfect shot. The Manfrotto 190 series was specifically designed for optimal maneuverability and quick set up, its 190XPRO tripod is outfitted to shoot from all angles, able to set up and secure quickly, easily pairing with other Manfrotto accessories, like the X-PRO 3-Way tripod head letting you use it also as a kind of mobile studio. The X-PRO 3-Way tripod head provides friction control for more precise framing and shooting, and ensures precise framing along all axes, supporting up to 8 kilos of equipment.

The Manfrotto 290 series was carefully crafted for beginner photographers as a tool to ease them into more serious levels of photography. The product range comprises four tripods, each designed to provide reliable, portable support for photographers, customised to support you according to specific needs. For example, the 290 Xtra tripod with ball head offers full range of movement, yet its aluminium leg locks ensure that it is sturdy but easy to adjust.

When space is limited, setting up your tripod in the right way to get the perfect shot may prove difficult. That’s why Manfrotto has developed the Manfrotto XPRO monopod series, which features the FLUIDTECH base, with three retractable feet at the base of the monopods. The XPRO monopod allows fluid movement, providing a compact solution for advanced photo or video shooting.

Camera bags to carry and protect your photo studio equipment

When you need to take your studio on the move, you need to protect your equipment while with a bag that is as functional as it is stylish. The Pro Light RedBee-110 backpack of our Manfrotto Pro Light Collection, made of lightweight materials in order to provide comfortable solutions when you need to transport your camera, lenses and tripod or monopod safely, has the Camera Protection System dividers to keep your equipment organised, and is water repellant to protect your gear on the go. Read more about camera bags for beginners and learn how to choose the perfect one.

Lighting solutions: illumination for every photo studio

Next on our list of must-have equipment for photography studios is lighting. Lighting is one of the most essential factors in studio photography. When it comes down to finding the right balance of light for your shots, having the right tools at your disposal that are versatile enough to provide the different kinds of lighting set ups you want, to create different effects in your photos is key. We provide a wide range of photography lighting equipment to satisfy every photographer’s needs, whether they are shooting inside the studio or out on location. 

Our extensive range of lighting control products is second to none and includes; lighting modifiers such as softboxes and umbrellas for shaping and diffusing flash and continuous light, reflectors and diffusers to provide control and fill light as required  to help you get that perfect shot, a vast variety of backgrounds to provide countless styles and effects to your photoshoot and a large array of lighting stands and support systems to mount all of your prized equipment safely and securely. 

That’s our list of photography studio equipment for beginners - hopefully we’ve given you some ideas as you begin to outfit your photography studio!

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