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Couple the innovative power of Manfrotto Xume quick release adapters with a full range of high quality Manfrotto filters. Getting perfect photography results has never been so easy, fast and safe.

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The lens filter suite

The new Manfrotto lens filter suite is a magical combination of Manfrotto's high-quality filter families and quick & easy XUME adapters. Coupling these two elements you will have a wide range of filters available for instant attachment to your lenses.

XUME Quick Release Lens Adaptor

XUME Filter Holder


XUME Lens Cap

Change your filter instantly with XUME the quick release magnet filter adaptors.
No more stressful screw-on-off when you change filters!

No screw-on
No screw-on
For Your Gear
For Your Gear

More about filters


ND Filters

UV Protection


Manfrotto's Protect filters offer even greater protection
against dust, oil and scratches. Ideal for photographers looking
for maximum lens protection.

Professional Protect

Extreme water resistant,
scratch and oil-resistant
protection, unique
anti-static coating.

Neutral Density filters are the ideal solutiton for landscape photography:
they reduce the amount of light reaching the camera's sensor,
allowing photographers to increase exposure times without altering
the colour of a scene in any way.


Reduce the amount of light
hitting the camera sensor
by 9 stopswithout altering
the colour of a scene.


Reduce the amount of light
hitting the camera sensor
by 6 stops without altering the
colour of a scene.


Reduce the amount of light
hitting the camera sensor
by 3 stops without altering the
colour of a scene.

Manfrotto's UV filters prevent ultraviolet rays
from entering the lens, reducing blurring, opacity and reflections.
They are also extremely useful in protecting
the lens from dust and moisture.

Advanced UV

The Advanced filter features
12 layers ensuring
resistance to scratches,
oil and water and providing
68,1% light transmission.

Essential UV

The ideal filter for hobbyists,
it blocks out ultraviolet rays,
reduces blur, opacity
and reflections.

The ideal filters for colour saturation, they reduce the glare
that often appears in photographs of water, glass
and reflective surfaces, keeping light distribution uniform.
Easily achieve the effect you have in mind by simply turning the ring.

Advanced CPL

The Advanced Circular Polariser
features multi-coated
glass that is scratch, oil and
water-resistant, providing 68.1%
light transmission.

Professional CPL

The Professional Circular
Polariser features 12 layers
of multi-coated glass with a
unique antistatic layer for the
ultimate protection, providing
90% light transmission.

Essential CPL

The Essential Circular
Polariser features two coating
layers and is water
and oil-repellent.


Manfrotto Lens Suite through
the eyes of our Ambassadors

Adam Jacobs

Commercial Photographer

"…filters can be frustrating and time consuming... well Manfrotto just solved that problem with the Xume system.. want to know the secret? Magnets!..."

Juliana Broste

Travel Blogger and Video Journalist

"…When it comes to filters stop screwing around. You can now have a quick release system that is going to save you a lot of time…"

Jonatan Hernandez

Commercial and Portrait photographer

"… a quick release system that will allow you to change a filter in the quickest and easiest possible way.."


Professional Photographer

"When you’re a landscape photographer the light is always changing and moving… attaching filters can be a very time consuming business…with the Xume system it has never been so quicker or easier... I can just simply remove the filter and attach it again"

Manfrotto Lens Filter Suite

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